Mount Moosilauke! 

Wednesday June 28, 2017 

Kinsman Notch, The Notch Hostel 9.3 miles

Total mileage 776.8

We left the Hikers Welcome Hostel with very light packs. We paid to have our gear shuttled to the next hostel. We had a 2:30 pm pickup from Kinsman Notch by The Notch Hostel so we headed out at 6 am to make sure we had plenty of time to get there. 

Mount Moosilauke is our first climb over 4000 feet at 4802 feet. Wow, what a climb it was! It was a foggy morning and we didn’t have any views at the top. As we got closer to the top the weather got worse. It was cold and very windy. The top of the mountain was in the clouds so we did a quick video and moved on. As we were about half way down the sun came out and it was beautiful. Then just after our shuttle picked us up a the bottom of the mountain it started to rain again. Crazy mountain weather! 

We still had a little tree coverage in the photo below, but it was starting to get windy and cold. 

Once we got above tree line it was freezing and it got difficult to see. 

After we raced off the top of Moosilauke the sun came out and it looked like it was going to be a great day. Which allowed me to get some great pictures of the waterfall beside the trail. The waterfall was about a mile long down the mountain. 

The descent was very steep and I soon came to some wooden steps that were just bolted to the rock slabs. I think I like these less than ladders. I got about three steps down and froze. Thank God SOULFLOWER was just ahead of me. She coached me down them. I did crawl down a few of them on my butt! 

Of course the trail warning was at the opposite end of the trail, not the beginning where we started from. Plus we hiked it south to north which is the most difficult direction. 

One of the FLIPPING FOUR did have an accident that resulted in tragic results. DISCOUNT fell and has a very bad sprain with torn tendons. He is now off the trail. He has gone home to let it heal and will hopefully come back to the trail. 

4 thoughts on “Mount Moosilauke! 

  1. That descent by the waterfall was the scariest part of the Whites for me. I’m glad you made it through that part safely. You are doing great! I’m sorry to hear that your friend had to get off the trail.

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  2. I am so very, very sorry for Discount. I really enjoyed meeting him on the trail in April. It breaks my heart for him. But I know he’ll resume when he’s healed, no matter how long that takes.

    That waterfall sounds gorgeous, but I can see how scary the descent must have been.

    And you look so cold in the video! After nearly 3 months if this, you’re going to wrap the warmth of Virginia around you like a blanket.

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  3. Prayers for Discount that he recovers quickly. It has given me such peace of mind knowing that you have met and been hiking with such a great group of folks. I have been praying for all of you daily.

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