Amazing Views! 

Monday June 26, 2017 

Ore  Hill Campsite 12. 7 miles

Total mileage 760.2

I woke up this morning to some amazing color on top of Smarts Mountain. Though I did not check it out. It starts too get light up here at 4:30 in the morning and it was in the upper 40’s. I stayed tucked into my warm sleeping bag until the birds really started to get loud. 

I got packed up quickly since it was so cold. I was ready to get moving to get warmer up. It stayed cool for most of the day and the mosquitoes didn’t bother me as much as they did the last few days. I think our high didn’t even hit 70 today. Which is great hiking weather. 

Our big climb today was Mount Cube which stands at just over 2900 feet. It was another fun climb. More rock scrambles and rock ledges and spectacular views. 

My feet got tired like they usually do after a day of hiking without any long breaks. I only took two quick breaks today. One for breakfast and one for lunch. No opportunity to take my shoes off and rest my feet. So I was glad to finish up today around 2:30 pm and was in my tent and off my feet by 4 pm. 😊

I saw my first Moose today. Although it was not a real one. It was just an iron statue in the woods that someone had made. 

I am so dirty and sticky! I feel like I’m starting to itch because of it. I’ve had the same underwear on for the last 3 days and the first day was so humid and hot that I was sweating up a storm. Icky! This campsite doesn’t have a good water source so I wasn’t able to take my normal bandana bath. It improvised by wetting a paper towel. It’s not as good as a bandana bath, but I have limited water so I made due the best I could. I’ve gotten use to my bad smell and don’t really notice it any more. I am so looking forward to my shower tomorrow!😀


3 thoughts on “Amazing Views! 

  1. It looks absolutely stunning there. Your photos really capture the beauty. I’m glad you take such good care of yourself by calling an end to the day when your body and FEET tell you it’s time.
    Welcome to the Whites!

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  2. Ditto what Ruth said. It’s so important to keep your body from deteriorating on a long hike like that. You might need a shower, but you look and sound healthy and happy with a great attitude. Pics are beautiful!


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