A Care Package from CHOCOHOLIC! 

Tuesday June 27, 2017 

Hikers Welcome Hostel 7.3 miles

Total mileage 767.5

Last night I found a bed of leaves to set my tent on. It looked like it was going to be a great spot, but… it wasn’t! After I got everything set up and my air mattress all blown up, I was looking forward to laying down and getting off my feet. I got in and got everything in its place, which is either at my head or my feet, then laid down and felt something under my backside. There were a bunch of large tree roots under all those leaves right where my hips were!!!😠 So this wasn’t going to work.  I decided to rotate and and put my head where my feet were. Only now my head was lower than my feet! But at least my hips would be good and I thought it would be good to have my feet elevated. I made it to 4 am before I woke up with a sore neck and a dull pounding in my head. So I rotated back the other way for the last hour to relieve the pain in my head, which is not easy when you are wrapped up in a mummy sleeping bag. Plus I had to flip the air mattress too, because it is mummy shaped. Which is pretty difficult in a tiny solo tent in the dark, but somehow I managed it.  

I headed out a little after 6 am and I wasn’t the first one out! DISCOUNT left just before me, which means he will clear most of the cobwebs! Yea for me! 

Today wasn’t that glamorous. We had one climb up Mt. Mist and only one view. It was a great view, but it could not compare to the last two days.  

I arrived at the Hostel around 11am and got a shower pretty quick. I was ready to get clean! 

After my shower I picked out a bunk for the night and started to do all my chores…laundry, drying any wet gear, cleaning gear, updating my blog and talking to Jim. I also had two packages to pick up. One from Jim and one from CHOCOHOLIC! 😁 There were treats for all of us in both boxes! CHOCOHOLIC sent chocolate, of course and homemade fruit cake biscottis for all of us. Yummy! Jim sent us all a bag of assorted miniature chocolate bars! The group all said to say thank you to both of you. So thank you CHOCOHOLIC and thank you Jim. You guys make us smile. 

The Hikers Welcome Hostel has a two story bunk house with about 16 beds in it and an outdoor bathhouse. I’m glad to be inside tonight because we got some hard rain. It didn’t last long but I was thankful to be warm and dry. 

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