FUN Day! 

Sunday June 25, 2017 

Smarts Mountain Fire Cabin 12.4 miles 

Total mileage 747.5 

I fell asleep before 7 pm last night. A day if hiking can sure wear you out. I woke up during the night and noticed all kinds of light flashing outside my tent. It was fireflies. It looked like twinkling stars! 

Today was an amazing day! 

We started the day early and the weather was cool. I was the first one out of camp with SOULFLOWER right behind me. The temperature was perfect and the sun was shining. Now if the trail was free of cobwebs, that would have been ideal. I get a lot of cobwebs since I am usually the first one up. They drive me nuts. It is so annoying to feel them on your skin! 😠 We were soon passed by two young men age 17 and 19 that were out for a month. Yea, they could now clear the path of cobwebs. 

Today we tackled Smarts Mountain. It was a climb up to 3200 feet over four miles. I have to say it was FUN! There were rock ledges with amazing views and some rebar climbing involved. My fear of heights has definitely decreased. I was walking up some of these rock ledges like they were nothing new. 

As I was climbing my way up the mountain I get passed, by a young man. I’m guessing he was in his 20’s. And he was wearing a woman’s skirt. Now I have seen men out here wearing kilts, but this was a real womans skirt with… blue butterflies on it! 

6 thoughts on “FUN Day! 

  1. You are really doing so well. It sounds like you’re overcoming some fears on this trip. It’s great that you were able to talk to the hiker you met in the past to get some tips for heading north. That has to ease you mind.

    I hope you have many more fun days!!

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      1. I’m so glad you liked the treats. You guys deserve regular “rewards” for all your perseverance.
        Today I made my first batch of the Tropical Trail Salad that you like so much and posted the recipe on this blog. YUM!!! I had a very hard time not nibbling on it when putting it on the dehydrator trays (I failed…I did nibble….often). I made a double batch and will make another double batch next week. Thanks for sharing that recipe.
        I’m still planning on hitting the trail south out of Harpers Ferry on July 18. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will put us near each other, at least at the beginning, but it’s what works best for Bill and me. But the way things go, I know we’ll end up seeing each other again.
        Meanwhile, I have contracted what I self-diagnose as a mild dose of the dreaded plantar faciitis in one foot. It doesn’t hurt to walk, hike, whatever, but after a long hike, my heel aches. I’m going to my doctor tomorrow. If she offers me cortisone, shoot me up, doc!


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