Goodbye Vermont! 

Saturday June 24, 2017

Moose Mountain Shelter 12.4 miles

Total mileage 735.1

I woke up to rain again this morning, but after looking at the weather report we should have a good day after this moves through. I took a zero yesterday to avoid a rainy day at the BROWNIE Hostel. I had a very nice restful stay. Thanks again BROWNIE and LENORE.

I got to talk to CARIBOOSE yesterday about the Whites. I met CARIBOOSE online before my Long Trail hike last year. We were both hiking the Long Trail about the same time, but we were starting from opposite ends so we had hoped we would run into each other somewhere along the trail and we did. At the end of a day as I walked around to the front of the shelter I planned to stay at that night and I hear my name being called and it was CARIBOOSE! We were staying at the same place for the evening. It was great because we could both find out about the upcoming trail and what to expect.

Anyway she has hiked through the Whites and gave me a lot of information on what to expect so I feel more comfortable about it. And she will be up there doing some hiking  when I am going through there so I may get to see her again!😀

There are many areas in the whites that are above tree line and there is very limited camping up there. Since the Huts were all booked up with it being a holiday week she gave me many ideas to help me.

I finished another state today, Vermont and I am now in New Hampshire. These last two states will be the most difficult of the whole trail and I hope that I not only survive them, but am really able to enjoy all their beauty. CARIBOOSE said that the Whites are unbelievably beautiful!

BROWNIE dropped us back off in Norwich, VT without our packs then met us in Hanover, NH with our packs. It was just a little over a one mile walk from one town to the next one.

We said our goodbyes to BROWNIE then headed back into the woods. And it was super humid. I don’t usually complain about humidity, but it was bad.

We had just one climb today over Moose Mountain and it was pretty easy.

This is a picture of the privy at this shelter and it is totally viewable from the trail! 😲

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Vermont! 

  1. Congrats on another state down! You are flying. Have fun in the Whites! I’m kinda envious and wishing I could hike them all over again! 🙂 You will love them!

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      1. Oh no. 😦 I remember it as being awe-inspiring. I’m sorry it was foggy. I hope it clears off for your trek through the rest of it.

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  2. Thinking of you as you make your way towards the whites! I’ll be hiking Zealand Mountain on July 2nd so perhaps I’ll see you somewhere east of the Pemigwasset Wilderness!

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