Thank You BROWNIE and LENORE! 

Thursday June 22, 2017

Town of Norwich,  VT 13.2 

Total mileage 722.7

SOULFLOWER and I were out of camp by 6 am. There were no ice cream stops today, but we had the next best thing according to SOULFLOWER… coffee! I wanted to stop in the town of West Hartford to use the Library computer to download some more audio books to my phone. The books help distract me from sore feet and knees and difficult climbs. I arrived a little before they opened so I sat down on the front steps and ate my oatmeal while waiting on the 9 am open time. When the librarian, Sandy’s open the door she welcomed us in and told us she had water and coffee for us if we wanted it. 

We had some more beautiful views today. It has breathtaking. So different from home! 

We stopped at the Happy Hill Shelter to eat lunch. This was such a cute little shelter. The mosquitoes were bad here so I ducked inside to eat my lunch since the mosquitoes weren’t so bad inside. Some of the really wet areas of trail have a lot of mosquitoes, but a least there wasn’t any swarms of black flies!

We’ve had some steep areas of climbing, but the trail hasn’t been to difficult to navigate over roots and rocks. And over all Vermont wasn’t as muddy this year as it was last year when I hiked Long Trail. I think it maybe because I am going through earlier in the year and the trail hasn’t seen as much traffic. 

We are heading into the BROWNIE Hostel in Fairlee, Vermont for a rest and visit with our hiking friend BROWNIE. I met BROWNIE at the Teahouse Hostel in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia where I stayed before starting my trip.  

I had a delightful stay with BROWNIE and his wife LENORE. I got plenty of rest and resupplied my depleted calorie bank. Their meals were fantastic! They were very gracious hosts and I was thankful for my stay with them. Thanks guys! 😊

BROWNIE took us out for ice cream and man oh man was it good ice cream. It reminded me of an ice cream place back home where I grew up where the portion sizes were huge. I ordered a medium cup of ice cream and it looked like an extra large. Don’t worry thought, I finished it all! 

I am saying goodbye to my first pair of sneakers on this trip. They have well over 700 miles on them. I had worn all the fabric off the inside heal area and was started to wear through the heal on my socks too. Luckily I never had any problems with blisters on my heals. I also started to notice I was slipping more on the rocks too. So I decided it  was time for a new pair. I was very happy with this pair and decided to order another pair. They are Altras, the Olympus model with the max cushion sole. I was also wearing my custom orthotics with them and just noticed the the plastic on both of my orthotics is cracked. I will continue to wear them as long as I can. 

3 thoughts on “Thank You BROWNIE and LENORE! 

  1. I’m praising God that you had a beautiful weather day! The scenery IS gorgeous! I’m laughing, because I’m watching how food enters your blog posts more often. It’s a powerful motivating force at this point, isn’t it?? I remember how a trail magic plain sandwich taste like the most wonderful meal I’d ever had! I’m so enjoying your blog posts! Thank you for taking the time to share your journey.

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  2. I am sure that your favorite place back home to get ice cream is “Sally’s” —-guess you won’t be getting one there this 4th of July. Speaking of July 4th the FB pier just opened yesterday after all the repairs from hurricaine Mathew—just in time for the fire works on the 4th. Love your pictures aspecially the forget-me-nots because I haven’t forgotten-you -not. I think about you everyday and pray for your safety. XOXOXO

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