First Ladder

Tuesday June 20, 2017

Lookout Cabin @ mile 1718.2 15.5 miles

Total mileage 694.7

Well our severe weather did start until 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon. But it sure did come down hard. I was glad to be inside all warm and dry. The rain only lasted until about 4:30 pm. There may have been some more showers during the night, but I slept through those if there were any. 

For most of the day yesterday I just rested and ate all extra food that I had so I didn’t have to carry it over the next few days. It felt great to take a day and just read and nap for most of it. 

I left the rest of the group behind this morning. They wanted to stay for breakfast and the dining room didn’t open until 7:30 am. My energy is best in the morning so I headed out at my normal time of 6 am. They will catch up with me later. The trail was water logged in some areas and in others had water running down it, but I was able to keep my shoes dry for the most part. 

The trail was really beautiful this morning. First I walked through a state park that had some really nice camp sites with picnic tables. Then I went around Kent Pond which was beautiful. There were a couple of waterfalls. Thundering Falls was amazing. There was a ton of water coming down it with all the rain we have had. 
After that things got hard. The climb up Quimby Mountain was steep and it was humid out. I was a sweaty mess before to long. Then I came to a “ladder”! 😨 I’m not a fan of these. I have a fear of heights! As the day progressed it seemed to get cooler out and I was no longer so hot but my feet were pretty tired and I just wanted to get off them. 

I am on private land tonight in a cabin that hikers are allowed to use. Which is very generous of the owners. Although there is no water here so I had to carry all my water for tonight and the start of the day tomorrow over two miles. Water is pretty heavy weighing in at 2.4 lbs per 32.oz. I carried in 64 oz, but I’m happy I will be warm and dry tonight. 

13 thoughts on “First Ladder

  1. I’m so curious about this stretch of the AT from the Inn @ LT to Hanover… maybe further. I’m going to do this stretch as my first solo backpacking trip. Was initially hoping for this summer but other stuff came up so I’m thinking of postponing till 2018 and extending it into the whites. Maybe this September if I can work it out.

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  2. I’m so glad you missed the bad weather. I saw an article talking about all of the Southbounders this year who have quit due to bad weather, blackflies, ticks, etc. Hopefully most of that is behind you, and things will dry out as you get deKudos to you for sticking out, and also for facing your fears head on with the ladders. You are really making some great mileage and progress. I can’t believe you have been on the trail nearing 2 months now! For us armchair hikers, it has passed by so quickly! The pictures are awesomely beautiful!

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      1. I’m so sorry, Amy. 😦 I feel so bad for you all out there this year. You’ve had so many obstacles to overcome. Think of it this way…more obstacles make for better tales or books! Still…I’m in awe of how you’ve stuck with it.

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      1. Well, I’ve always been horrible with math and second guess myself when I have to do it. I was thinking you left in early April. Sorry about that, but 2 months is still impressive! …and it has still flown by for we who are following you!

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  3. Just stumbled upon your journal. I’m a PA section HIKER, currently in South Africa, in serious TRAIL WITHDRAWL! I’m finished from WV to NY. Really enjoying your posts! Stay safe!!!


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