Severe Weather Alert! 

Sunday June 17, 2017 

Inn on Long Trail 8.3 miles

Total mileage 679.2

I woke up this morning in the clouds on top of Mount Killington and everything felt wet. Condensation was dripping out of the trees on my tent. I will have to set it up when I got to the hotel today to let it dry out. Plus it needs to be cleaned. I have an abundance of black flies that I have been killing in here and it is a total mess! I will be happy to say goodbye to all these black flies. They have a nasty bite. My body is littered with their bite marks! 🙁

I arrive at the hotel around 11 am and our room is not ready yet. So we hang out in the hiker area and weigh ourselves. I’m the only one who hasn’t lost any weight. The rest of the FLIPPING FOUR group has lost 20 lbs. or more since starting this hike!🤤 PRINCESS and ROCKET MAN are here and PRINCESS gives me some more information on hiking the White Mountains. She and her husband have hiked the AT over 3 times. They have also written a book about slackpacking the whole AT. 

Our room is ready quickly. While SOULFLOWER takes a shower I take my tent outside and set it up to let it dry and clean the inside of it out. It doesn’t take long. Next it is my turn to shower and I emerge fresh, clean and happy. 

Next I open my resupply box and see that Jim has sent me a single serving bag of Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies and I immediately dive into them. My hiker hunger is in full swing and I am usually hungry shortly after eating. 

We have a flash flood warning for all of Vermont tomorrow afternoon through the evening so we are taking an unplanned zero tomorrow. Camping in the rain sucks!


19 thoughts on “Severe Weather Alert! 

  1. Yikes! Maybe the flash flood will wash away the black flies!

    I’m excited for you to hike the whites cuz that’s where I do most of my hiking and it’s just so beautiful! I hope u have great weather of the presidential traverse cuz those views…wow. It’s definitely rugged…similar to northern parts of the LT. Lots of rock scrambles but lots of amazingness

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    1. I hope it did something to those black flies. I have bites all over my body from those things.
      I’m kinda nervous about the whites. I wanted to stay at some of the huts but they were all booked up. I going through during July 4th which doesn’t help. I’m praying for nice weather.

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      1. Oh dang that’s a bummer about the huts cuz while they are expensive they sure are nicely located. The whites will be hoppin over the 4th…so at least you won’t be alone out there! You should have no trouble hitching and remember you can fill your water at the huts. Despite guidebooks there are stealth camp spots on some of the ridge lines and if you pull in late enough you should be fine. The backcountry fee sites can fill up quite a bit so get to those ones early if you can. I will be hiking up there on the 1st and maybe the 5th-call me if you need anything or have any questions once you get into NH! 617-304-9313


      2. I was fortunate enough to stay in huts through the Whites. I think someone earlier mentioned ‘work for stay’. I’ve heard people say they won’t turn people away, but I saw people turned away…sometimes late. Just keep that in mind, and be prepared for it, and don’t count on ‘work-for-stay’. Also, you can stop by the huts during the day and they will often sell soup and bread for really cheap–like a dollar or so. That was a big boost.

        Someone gave me a copy of ‘stealth sites’ through the Whites. I don’t have it anymore. I did find this online. Maybe it might help.

        It’s possible Guthook might have some info about good places to camp, too.

        The Whites weren’t nearly as scary as I thought they were going to be. In fact, if I was going to repeat a section, I’d want to do the Whites again, knowing they weren’t as bad as I was expecting them to be. They are absolutely beautiful. IMHO, the sections above the tree line were not that hard…just tedious with lots of boulders.

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      3. Yeah I have definitely scene some hut croos not being super warm and welcoming to thru hikers. It’s a 1st come 1st serve work for stay deal and if the huts full they’ll only do it for like 2 hikers. Always worth a shot! And always a great pit stop nonetheless! I always love stopping by the huts for tea, bathroom, and baked goods when I’m backpacking or day hiking up there.

        Little Bear you’ll be fine! You did the LT and it’s not that different then that. It’s stunning really.

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      4. Yep! You can hang out there, get out of bad weather, but candy and whatever they might have on sale to eat or drink and use the bathroom and wash your hands.

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      5. Also…if the weather is bad when you go through the Whites, it might be worth it to check the huts to see if they have had any cancellations. I didn’t have cell service most of the time, so Bud made all of my reservations for me, and was able to call as often as he needed to do it.

        People hype up the Whites so much. I wish I hadn’t spent so much emotional energy worrying about it so that I could have enjoyed them more.

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  2. I have been seeing the warnings for the East Coast, and have been thinking about you. I’m glad y’all are taking a zero to miss it!

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