Amazing Views! 

Thursday June 15, 2017 

Tom and Kris’ Place 17.6 miles

Total mileage 644.9

Tom dropped us back off at Manchester and we slackpacked over Bromley Mountain, Styles Peak, and Baker Peak. Today was an amazing day. Abundant sunshine and cooler temperatures. Perfect for going over three mountains in a day. We still have the black flies torturing us. I hear that they should be gone by July 4th ish.

Bromley Mountain is a ski area and we went up the slope rather than down. The view was worth the effort. I did the first 105 miles of the AT in Vermont last year when I did Long Trail with my Aunt Julie. I remembered Styles Peak from last year. I pretty much died at the top of it. This time around I am lucky enough to be slackpacking it thanks to our hosts, Tom and Kris, and I made it to the top with ease. I had forgotten how beautiful the rock slab climb up Baker Peak was. I had less fear climbing it this go around. Plus the light pack definitely helps. 

I did have a number of accidents today, the worst being splitting my head open on an over tree that I did not see. It hurt when it happened, but did not have any lasting effects and didn’t need sutures.😡 The other two were a couple of bloody shins that got banged while climbing over fallen trees.

Kris picked us up from Danby, VT and we head back to the guest house. She had a chicken pot pie ready for us to put in the oven. WOW! It was so unexpected and delicious. We were so grateful. 

3 thoughts on “Amazing Views! 

  1. Amy, I am so greatful for wonderful people like Tom & Kris who have opened their home and their hearts to you as you continue on your “journey to your journey”. My sincerest thanks to everyone who have sheltered you along the way. Now about all your bumps in the head—if you are not more careful you are going to be as forgetful as I am by the time you get home. Love Ya

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