Thank you TOM and KRIS! 

Wednesday June 14, 2017 

Tom & Kris’ Place 10.3 miles

Total mileage 627.3

After last night’s rain the trail was pretty wet, but I still managed to keep my feet dry. 

I slept in a little this morning and didn’t get up until after 5 am. I was hoping to get to sleep early last night, but some hikers were talking to loud for me to sleep. I had to cram my earplugs in deep to block them out, which is uncomfortable. Earplugs can be painful. 

We were blessed with easy trail today and took our time. With no major climbs and we were done by 12:30pm. We were being picked up by Tom (a client of Jim’s), but he was golfing until 2 pm. We decided to hitch into town to get ice cream and resupply at the local Price Chopper. 

This is the first time I have ever hitchhiked and it was successful! The FLIPPING FOUR were heading into town in under 3 minutes. A young girl, BUFFY and her dog LUCKY picked up us. After some struggle she got LUCKY in the very back of her suv and SOULFLOWER, DISCOUNT and I all piled into the backseat with our packs on our laps and  HOOTIE in the front. We were so thankful for the ride we didn’t mind at all. 

Just as we were finishing our shopping TOM arrives to take up back to his place. He got us settled in his guest house and we all showered up. 

TOM and KRIS’ place sits on 60 acres of land with an amazing view of  Mount Killington. I can’t thank them enough for the time we spent with them. Their generosity is over the top. Thank you TOM and KRIS! 

5 thoughts on “Thank you TOM and KRIS! 

  1. What a beautiful place! Ear Plugs hurt my ears, too. Toward the end of my hike, someone told me about ‘slim fit’ ear plugs. They had to be ordered off of Amazon, but they are much easier on the ears for those of us who have small ear canals.

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  2. Beautiful!! Love that you have such amazing friends on the trail… go girl your doing amazing so proud I can call you my friend.. love you !!

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