Goodbye Massachusetts! 

Saturday June 10, 2017 

Stealth camping @ mile 1596.7, 14.1 miles

Total mileage 573.6

I think my trail name should be changed to MAD BEAR! Last night a group of guys camp into camp at 10 pm! And woke me up! 😠 The tenting area was small and someone set their tent up right next to mine. I was awake for over an hour while they were setting up. I do have to say that they were whispering and seemed like they were trying to keep the noise down, but then the snoring started! UGH! 🙁 

I was up at 4:15 am because of my bladder and started packing up at 4:30 am. That was the end of the snoring until I was gone! 😁 

We were out of camp at 5:30. It was our earliest start. We finished our climb up Mount Graylock and made our way down to North Adam’s, MA. The descent was long and horrible. I didn’t think it was ever going to end and I was ready to be off my feet. Once we made it into town I sat down at the first place I could find which happened to be the front steps of a school. I took my shoes off started to eat my lunch and called Jim looking for sympathy. He basically told me to suck it up! 😟 It may not have been the first time I’ve called him looking for sympathy. 

I did see another porcupine. This one was next to the trail, but there was too much undergrowth to get a picture. This one was bigger than the last one I saw. 

I have left Massachusetts behind and I am now in Vermont. I did the first 100 miles of Vermont last year when I hiked Long Trail. So the next 100 miles will be a repeat. I’m hoping this time will be a little easier since I know what to expect. 

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Massachusetts! 

  1. I always want to laugh when people (many men, in fact) tell me they would be too afraid to hike the AT alone. You’re never really alone on the AT unless you want to be. I would have been pissed at the late arrivals and snoring and setting up a tent right next to me. I never understood that. I always tried to set up away from people. Then again, I know I probably pissed people off when I started packing up really early.

    Congrats on another state down! You are flying!

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      1. Oh no! I was just reading some trail reports about black fly season in NH. I’m trying to get myself out on the AT for a week to do the stretch from Sherburn Pass to NH border. Was thinking of doing it next week but I think I might wait till July…

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