Holy Mud! 

Thursday June 8, 2017 

The town of Dalton, MA 2.5 miles

Total mileage 545.1

Jim had his follow up visit with the orthopedic surgeon after his MRI and he does need to have rotator cuff surgery. So on top of my bad day yesterday I find out that last night too. He says it is feeling better every day, but it does need surgery. 🙁

I wake up to mostly dry shoes this morning, get packed up and we are out of camp at 6 am. We manage to find more muddy trail before making it into the town of Dalton, MA.  

We arrive at the hotel at 8 am and are able to check right in! Also we get to see our friends HOOTIE and DISCOUNT! It was a nice reunion. We haven’t seen them in weeks. I find out that they both have had some nasty falls in the slick mud. HOOTIE even broke both of his trekking poles when he fell. So I wasn’t the only one sitting in the mud. 

We drop off our packs and head out to breakfast. I was craving home fries. Of course they are not even close to Jim’s breakfast potatoes, but they satisfy the craving. I also had a broccoli omelet that was terrific. I’m going to start to request those at home too. I’m sure Jim can make me an even better one. 

Back at the room it was showers, laundry, cleaning gear and doing other errands. Plus a nap for me! 😊 

7 thoughts on “Holy Mud! 

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your husband will need the surgery. Bud and I will keep him in our prayers!

    Enjoy your town stay! 🙂

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  2. What a lot of ups and downs the trail subjects you to, and I’m not talking just about ascents and descents. I’m so sorry about all the rain and cold and your big fall….but I have to admit your description of your position made it sounds kinda funny!

    Good luck to your Main Squeeze with his rotator cuff surgery. He sounds like a real trooper, just like you.

    Our family got in a good hour long hike in some mountains in the Japanese countryside yesterday. But one hour wasn’t nearly enough. I envy all your hiking but NOT the weather you’ve had!

    Hi to Soulflower and Discount, if you see him again.

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