I saw 4 bears today!

Sunday June 4, 2017 

Berkshire Lakeside Lodge 22.7 miles

Total mileage 526.6

It is always an adventure out here. Last night when I got to the shelter most of the good tent spots were already taken and I didn’t want to crowd any that were already there. Since there wasn’t any one staying in the shelter I decided to stay in there. This shelter has bunks so you didn’t have to sleep on the floor. Although the place was pretty chewed up from a porcupine I was hoping that was something of the past. I have no idea why porcupines like to chew on the wood. If someone knows please enlighten me. Anyway we made sure to hang all of our stuff out of his reach before going to bed. 

We’ll… The little bugger showes up about 2:30 am and wakes us all up by chewing on the shelter. We ran him off but he came back a couple of times waking us up again. 

Since I was wake early I decided to pack up and get ready to go. I had an 11.5 mile day planned. There was rain in the forecast that was supposed to start about 2 pm. I wanted to make it to the campsite I planned to stay at and get my tent set up before the rain. This would be my first time camping in some significant rain. 

Well… SOULFLOWER, who I have been hiking with does not like to hike and camp in the rain. So she calls the hotel that we plan to stay at tomorrow night to see if she can get a room for tonight as well. They had a room so she takes it and plans to hike all the miles we were going to do in two day, today. Later when she catches up to me she tells me her plan to avoid a lot of rain. I was definitely surprised! 🤤 She invited me to go with her, but would understand if I didn’t want to. It definitely had a positive side to it, but I didn’t know if I could do it. When we breaked for lunch I called Jim and told him my plans to hike on to the hotel today and take tomorrow off because of the rain. He was pretty worried because he didn’t want me to get to rundown. After lunch I loaded up front pockets of my pack with snacks and chocolate to keep my energy level up. I’ll admit it was hard. My feet were sore, but luckily I didn’t feel to rundown. We were lucky too, the forecasted rain was supposed to start a 2 pm and it didn’t start until 4 pm and it wasn’t a hard down pour. I finally arrived at the hotel at 6:30 pm ready to get off my feet.

Around 10:30 this morning I saw a Mamma bear and two cubs. They didn’t hear me when I approached so when I noticed them I just made some noise to let them know I was near. They took off running when they heard me. Then shortly after eating lunch at the campsite I was planning to stay at I saw another bear. This one was big!😨 I saw a total of 4 bears in one day! The total is now up to 7 bears plus the two grizzly’s I saw in the zoo. 

14 thoughts on “I saw 4 bears today!

  1. Wow! You are making such amazing progress! The slackpavking was a smart thing to do. And I can’t believe how far you went to get to the hotel. And I certainly don’t blame you on that one. Good decision, and now you get to rest!

    Truly, you and Soulflower have really persevered through some trying terrain and weather. You are both to be admired.

    Unfortunately, I hear Buzzcut has stopped for the time being and is home now, due to too many injuries. It has been very rough for her. I follow her blog and was very disappointed to hear this. But it sounds as if she’s not giving up and may resume at some point with different goals in mind.

    I’m now on Day 4 of my big trip in Japan with our family. We got to go into the apartment we raised our kids in from ’87-’97, and it felt like being home again. We’re having a great time here, and our granddaughters are enjoying the train rides. There are mts. behind the city and I’m thinking I may have a short quiet solo hike there before we leave next Monday.

    And then we’ll return home and I’ll have 5 weeks left to frantically get the rest of my food dehydrated and assembled before I join the AT SOBO at Harpers Ferry on July 18. Yay!!!!

    Keep up your great job of managing and executing your hike. You really are remarkable.

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    1. Yeah I saw her blog and got an email from her too. I thought for sure she would have held in there.
      Wow July 18 I don’t think I will be back down there be then so leave me messages in the shelter logs.
      I got an email about downloading a what I think was a free book for backpacking meals but I already had the book so I deleted it but let me see if I can get it back if so will send to you.


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