Day 41

Saturday June 2, 2017 

Bearded Woods Bunk and Dine 12.6

Total mileage 489.1

Today I did another slackpack. I hiked South on the AT from Gilder Pond, MA back to Salisbury, CT. Then it’s back to the woods after tonight. This will be my last night at this hostel. 

There was another Bear Mountain to go over and this one had a very rocky and steep side. By going south bound we were going up the steep area rather than down it which is much easier on my knees. We were able to eat lunch on the summit while enjoying the view. 

The trail and views we had today are amazingly beautiful. First we started with a ridge walk along the edge of a mountain with what looked like a 1000 feet drop. I was definitely hugging the vegetation on the inside edge since I’m not a fan of heights. Then we hiked a ravine along a river with several small waterfalls. And later a technical climb up to the summit of Bear Mountain with 360 degree views. Truly an amazing day. 

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