42 days 500 miles

Saturday June 3, 2017 

Tom Leonard Shelter 14.8 miles

Total mileage 503.9

Today was a tough day! It started with a long descent down Mt Bushnell. Shortly after starting it starts to rain. It was a light rain but it was in the mid 40’s this morning. I was wearing a skirt, tee shirt and my puffy jacket. I had to put my puffy in my pack to keep it dry and got out my rain coat. So I was pretty chilled. My hands are what bothered me the most. 

It is raining when this was taken. 

I had to be really careful coming down the mountain. A lot of what I was walking on were big slates of rock and rock steps covered in leaves. Once all that gets wet it is very slick. This went on for about 3 miles then things leveled out until the end of the day which involved climbing East Mountain. I really lost my energy towards the end of the day. 

Today involved going up and down mountains of course. I also walked along the Housatonic River and passed through a few pastures as well. Some days it amazes me the variety of terrian that I see. 

I don’t know if it was the trail or just me being tired at the end of the day, but I kinda got freaked out. The trail seemed hard to follow there were so many leaves on the trail it was hard to know which way to go. 

I listened to an audio book this afternoon. It takes my mind off my sore feet. The pack weight makes a hugh difference. Today was a shorter easier day as far as terrain goes but seemed harder because of the pack. I weighted my pack before leaving the hostel. It weighted 25.4 lbs. with 5 days of food. Which is to much for me. It’s not comfortable.  

It’s hard to believe I’ve hit the 500 mile mark today. I’ve walked 500 miles over mountains and through the woods. It doesn’t seem real. The time has gone by fast. My hiker hunger had really started to kick in. I’m going to have to start carrying more snacks to eat through out the day soon. 

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