Thank You Jon and Stef

Tuesday May 30, 2017

Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter 18.2

Total mileage 451.2

I had an awesome time at Jon and Stef’s place. I spent most of my time eating and relaxing. Thanks again guys. Also thank you Erin for letting SOULFLOWER and I have your room. 

Today was another yucky day, but not rainy. Just cold and cloudy. There is more rain  expected for tonight and tomorrow. Yea! 😯 I am camping out tonight so I may have a wet tent to pack up tomorrow. I just hope it is not raining when I start to get ready to go. I have never had to set up or take down my tent in the rain. I’m sure the day will come. I would prefer it to happen on a warmer day. Tomorrow mornings temperature is forecasted to be about 53 degrees. To cold for my liking. 

I got passed on the trail by a couple of grandparents and they were doing a 20 mile day. Never underestimate grandparents. I couldn’t even keep up with them! They were moving! 

Connecticut has the nicest trail signs. They are very well made and easy to read. 

I got some bad news last night. Jim fell off a ladder and fractured a rib and may have torn a rotator cuff. He has to have an MRI to determine if he has a rotator cuff tear. So there is a possibility he may have to have surgery. 

2 thoughts on “Thank You Jon and Stef

  1. Oh no. 😦 Praying your husband is okay, and no surgery required!

    I always thought that taking the tent down in the rain was not as bad as setting up in the rain. Hope you were able to stay warm!

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