Forging Rivers 

Wednesday May 31, 2017 

Bearded Woods Bunk and Dine 8.9 miles

Total mileage 460.1

I kind of took it easy this morning and didn’t start hiking until 6:30 am. I was headed to a hostel for the evening and had plenty of time to get there. 

Yesterday I ended the day with a walk along the Housatonic River and continued to walk along it this morning. It was beautiful. It reminded me of the Foothills Trail hike along the Chattooga River that Jim and I did a number of years ago. 

I came to a sign on the trail that mentioned a bypass around a river that had to be forged and that rock hopping across was unsafe. It stressed to take the bypass if the water was high or the rocks had ice on them. I decided to check it out before I made my decision. I would have to take my shoes off if I didn’t want to get them wet and I’m not hiking with camp shoes which means that I would have to go across barefoot. I was hoping that the sign was just an exaggeration.  After seeing the river I decided to take the bypass. The water was moving fast and I couldn’t rock hop all the way across. The river looks kind of small in the above picture but I am standing about 20 above it. Which maybe why it looks so small in the picture. 

I had a little trouble getting myself motivated today. It seemed to be taking forever to hike 9 miles. I think it was because I couldn’t call the hostel until 1 pm for a pick up so there was no rush. 

I was looking for a place to sit down and eat my breakfast (sweet potato porridge). I came upon a side trail to a summit and view so I decided to take it and check out the view. I was sitting there just watching the clouds move over the mountain tops. After finishing my breakfast I was looking at the maps to see what was coming up next along the trail. When I looked out again at the mountains it had gotten dark-real dark! SHIT!?!? It’s going to rain and I need to get off this mountain top. I didn’t even get back to the trail before it started to rain. Luckily it only lasted about a hour. Then just before noon the sun came out and it ended up being a pretty day. 

This was taken while I was eating breakfast.
This was taken after breakfast. The weather changed quickly and things got dark!

7 thoughts on “Forging Rivers 

  1. That river is very beautiful. I have hiked along it fishing trout many times. You are in my home stomping grounds now. Oh how I miss New England. Send more photos. I look forward to your posts every few days. Stay safe and have fun. We are all very proud of your accomplishments.

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    1. Thanks Tony
      There have been notes about the trout in the rivers and streams. I haven’t seen any fisherman lately but have this trip. It’s been very beautiful up here. Now I know why Jon and Stef love it.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Jim’s injuries. I hope he doesn’t need surgery, or, if he does, recovery goes well.

    We are on our way to Japan with both our kids and their spouses, and our two granddaughters. We’re eager to show them where our kids grew up. But I won’t miss a single one of your posts. I feel like I’m still there on the trail with you!

    And, by the way, you mentioned sweet potatoes porridge in one of your posts. I just finished dehydrating and assembling bunches and bunches of this for my upcoming time on the trail. YUM!!!

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    1. Jim has to schedule an MRI so we know what is truly going on, but the Dr suspects he tore his rotator cuff.

      Wow I hope you enjoy your trip. It fun when you can get the whole family in on it.

      Sweet potato porridge is one breakfast that I love and look forward to eating.


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