The Sun Shines

Saturday May 27, 2017 

Wiley Shelter 16.6 miles

Total mileage 431.5

Today I started with dry socks, shoes and a smile. It was a beautiful day today. I saw sunshine and  temperature was perfect for hiking. It started out in the 50’s this morning then got into upper 60’s for the high this afternoon. 

The day started with a walk around a beautiful lake with easy terrain. I saw 2 deer in this area. I’ve been seeing a few deer in NY. 

Then I walked through a swamp and over a boardwalk. 

I later came to the train stop that takes you to NYC. As I was crossing the tracks, I noticed that the train was coming. Close to thirty people must have gotten off at this stop and most of them with backpacks. 

I braked for lunch at a landscaping center right next to the trail. They had cold drinks and ice cream for sale. Of course I had an ice cream.!😉

Then the trail took us over some farm land and directly through the pastures with cows in them. Luckily the cows were taking a siesta. 

I my feet, ankles and legs felt really good today and I was able to average more than 2 miles per hour. It has been a while since the terrian has allowed this. 

Aunt Julie, I want you to know that I didn’t walk into this tree. I saw it before I nailed it with my head.

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