12 BY 12

Thursday May 25, 2017 

RPH Shelter 12.6 miles 

Total mileage 405.9

I was lucky to have enough time to get my tent down before the rain started this morning. The weather report said the rain should start at about 6 am so I made sure I was up early and packed up. 

It rained ALL DAY LONG!!!😦 It was pretty miserable. The temperature was in the mid 50’s and windy. I was cold all day. All I had on under my rain  gear was a tee shirt and a pair of panties. And I had on a pair of latex gloves to semi keep my hands warm. My feet stayed dry for the first few hours and it just went down hill from there. 

I pushed hard to get to the shelter ASAP. I couldn’t take a break all morning to sit down and eat because it was raining. I had just 2 snack bars that I put in my side pockets to eat as I was hiking. I made it to the shelter just after noon. I completed 12 miles by noon. That is a first for me. 

Once I got to the shelter. I started to peel wet layers off. When I peeled the first wet sock off I had a huge flap on skin hanging from my big toe. I must have gotten a blister at some point and never even realized it. And my other big toe had skin peeling off as well, but I knew that that toe had a blister a couple of weeks ago. It was from the first time I hiked all day in the rain. Good thing skin grows back! 

I passed the 400 mile mark today. It seems to be going pretty fast. I usually don’t pay to much attention to the miles as I am going along. 

The shelter I am staying at tonight in near a road and a town which means that I can get food delivered. 😊 I ordered an Asian meal and salad. I almost ate all of it. I stuffed myself and still couldn’t finish it. Boy,  I sure did enjoy it. 

There is more rain forecasted for tomorrow morning so we plan to sleep in a little bit. 

2 thoughts on “12 BY 12

  1. Wow. Congrats on 12 miles by noon! You are really plowing through the miles! I think you are nearing one month on the trail, too?

    Everything is really green-ing up! Nothing like an unexpected non-hiker food meal while on the trail! πŸ™‚

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