I cried today… 

Sunday May 21, 2017 

I didn’t make it far 2.2 miles

Total mileage 367.3

I was up early today. I had a 14 mile day planned and Jim arranged for one of his clients to be waiting up the trail with some trail magic set up. 

I was walking down a paved road off trail headed to a state park to use the restrooms, get water and get rid of my trash. As I was walking to the park I noticed that I had a message from Jim. Since I had service I called him. He proceded to tell me that because there was some famous international bike race the roads were closed where the trail magic would be. I was disappointed, but couldn’t do anything about it. I told him where I was and that I was headed into a park to get water. As I was talking to him on the phone I see a man walking up the road with his dog. I continued to tell Jim about all the excitement I had at the shelter this morning. There was a bear in camp this morning. I watched it walk up to someone sleeping in a hammock check it out and move on checking on the rest of the tents in the area. As I was watching this a hiker came up to me and told me that the bear got her food bag. She had a 16 mile day planned to get back to her car. Someone had given her a cliff bar. I gave her the two bars I had in my pocket to help her. I look up again and the guy with the dog is getting closer to me. I think to myself that I hope he goes around me just so I didn’t have to change my path. It wasn’t until I was almost on top of the guy with the dog that I realize that it is Jim and that was my dog!!! I just lost it I grabbed ahold of him and balled my eyes out I was so overwhelmed to see him. What a fantastic day this turned out to be. 

When SOULFLOWER got to the park she proceed to tell us that after I left she watched the bear climb a tree and come back down then climb another tree and come down with someone else’s food bag! We had heard that there there had been a bear in the area and we actually got to see it. This was my third bear sighting. 

Jim offerd to slack pack SOULFLOWER and I but I just wanted to spend the time with him and Berkley. Together we hiked another mile of trail. It was so awesome to have him and Berkley out there with me. I couldn’t have been happier at that moment. 

We left the park and drove to the Bellvale Farms Creamery and got SOULFLOWER that ice cream that she missed. I heard this his ice-cream place is ranked #2 in the country based on trip advisor. The ice cream  was awesome and I didn’t mind a second serving. 😀

9 thoughts on “I cried today… 

  1. Awww this gave me the chills!! It’s so awesome that you got to see him!!! That would have made my day!! I’m really enjoying following along and the pictures are breathtaking! Stay safe!

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  2. Awww. 🙂 This made me want to cry, too. What an awesome surprise! …and he even brought your dog! I’ll bet it was really hard to say goodbye after that…but what a morale booster! Loved reading this.

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  3. Hey kid, glad to see you are doing well. Awesome and amazing job so far, so proud of you. I remember (when I was deployed) when you would ask me how it feels to be away from loved ones for so long? I said.. You push through with the mission at any cost, you have to be focused on that and that alone!!! There is always time to reminisce, but mission first! Right now you have tears of joy from seeing Jim and Berkley, but wait until you come home at the end of your “Mission” and you will fell something you have never felt before…….

    Be safe Sis
    Love Ya

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