Goodbye New Jersey 

Friday May 19, 2017

Wildcat Shelter 17.1

Total mileage. 351.1

I really want to thank Sandy and Bill at the Warwick Resort and Conference Center for making us feel so welcome, as well as the director, Ken. Thank you guys we really enjoyed our stay with you. The meals were awesome as well as the other guests we met. 

Barbara (aka Bits’n’Pieces) , if you are reading this thank you for the antihistamine it has really helped. I enjoyed talking to you and hearing your trail stories. Barbara was a guest at the Warwick Center who has hiked about 700 miles of the AT in sections. That is how she got the trail name Bits’n’Pieces. 

SOULFLOWER and I didn’t get back on the trail until after 9am. It was a late start for us and we needed to cover a lot of miles to the next shelter. In NJ and NY you have to stay at a designated campsites or shelters. Which makes things difficult. You could have a really short day or a really long day. Today unfortunately was very long and difficult. Long miles, difficult terrian, and hot weather. Oh and the bugs were HORRIBLE! 😠

The day started with a climb up “The Stairway to Heaven”. It involved climbing a mountain via rocks. A lot of rocks! While bugs were flying all around my face diving me insane. 

I saw 3 Snakes this day and one that rattled at me. I heard it before I saw it and thankfully when I finely noticed it, it just moved on. 

The terrian has changed from mostly flat to climbing mountains. Today was to long of a day with the late start and I didn’t get to the shelter until 7:40pm. At about 5pm I was getting worried that I would not make the shelter before dark or before I collapsed from exhaustion. So I called Jim to see if there was a town near by that I could stay at rather than having to hike another 4+ exhausting miles to the shelter. I knew that there was a road coming up with a recommended stop for AT hikers at an ice cream shop so I was hoping I could get to a hotel or something from there. While he was looking into to it I decided just to get to the ice cream shop have some ice cream and a rest and wait to see what Jim could find out. Unfortunately,  there were really no good options from that location. So I left the ice cream shop, walked back to the trail and completed the last couple of miles. 

SOULFLOWER didn’t arrive until an hour after me in the dark and had to miss out on the famous Bellvale Creamery/ice cream shop. She had a even rougher day than me. She had a fall today while trying to rush to the shelter and knew she would have some bruises on her elbow, thigh and around her ribs. Luckily it wasn’t something serious. When she arrived I helped her setup her tent and we both commiserated on how horrible the day had been. We both decided NO More long days in this terrian. 

I did exit New Jersey today for the last time. The trail bounced between NJ and NY for a bit, but I am now officially out of NJ. 

7 thoughts on “Goodbye New Jersey 

  1. Amy, I was delighted to meet you and Soul Flower at the Warwick Center. I’m glad the allergy meds are giving you some relief. At least over the weekend the temps have dropped. I hope you are further north when the heat returns. It won’t be as brutal in New England. I’ll be following your blog and holding you in my thoughts.

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  2. Your decision to slow down sounds like a wise one to me. I feel so bad that you are having to deal with so many bugs this year. When I went through that area, it was during the dry season. Your pics are absolutely beautiful. Hang in there. You’re doing great!

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