Day 26

Thursday May 18, 2017 

In town Vernon, NJ 13.9

Total mileage 334

I woke up very stuffy but at least when I blow my nose it is no longer bloody. John, if you are reading this I found a new use for Bag Bam! I put some on a Qtip and put it in my nose to keep it moist and stop the bleeding. It seemed to work. 

It was just 2 miles to the road that would take me into town of Unionville, NY and then a half mile into town to the post office. I picked up mail drop and had a surprise from Jim, some dehydrated pineapple! And a note! Double score. Thank you, Babydoll. The pineapple is delicious. 

By 8:30 I was a sweaty mess. We are supposed to hit 92 today! 🤤 It was another difficult day. I was struggling at the end again. I had to use my umbrella just to keep the sun off me. My arms are already burnt from yesterday. 

I did see a bear on the trail today. It was my second bear sighting. Thus one was really close. He was about 30 yards away when we noticed each other. He was walking south on the trail as I was heading north and he came up over a hill. When we noticed each other he just took off running. No opportunity for a picture.

I finished the trail today at 3pm. SOULFLOWER and I were headed into town for shower, laundry and a bed. She was still behind me on the trail so I walked up the road a short distance to a store and had an ice cream! It was so good after a hot day! 😊

We are staying at the Warwick Resort and Conference Center in Warwick, NY. They were having an event so we were invited to dinner and breakfast the next morning. We even had a table reserved for us thru hikers. 

SOULFLOWER at our table.

6 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. Congratulations on Day 26! You are such a joy to follow…my heart swells with pride just knowing all that you are accomplishing..and you and I don’t even know each other well. Doesn’t matter, just know that you inspire me …and I would bet a thousand others …if they read your posts. Something deep inside me wants to do this…but I have never even “officially” hiked…well not since girl scout years 🙂 something to look forward to..I just know I want to try. Hike ON! Dee

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    1. Hey Dee,
      Thanks for the support. Now is a great time to start hiking. I think I have met more people that are older than me rather than younger on the trail. What some of these retirees are accomplishing is amazing and truly inspiring!


  2. you came up over the hill and found yourself face to face with another bear did he /she turn and run the other way because you hadn’t showered in several days?

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  3. That use for Bag Balm is new to me. I usually use a Nettie pot with a sports drink squirt bottle. You are doing great! Don’t overdo. The hills will be starting to get big soon. Take it easy and enjoy the altitude gain.

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