Just lost

Tuesday May 16, 3017

Gren Anderson Shelter 17.9

Total mileage 301.8

Yesterday I woke up with a mild sore throat. I didn’t feel bad so I set out for my 18 mile day. 

I struggled all day today. It was not a good day for me on the trail. I came to a road crossing early in the morning and couldn’t find where the trail picked back up on the other side. I was looking for a blaze in the trees but couldn’t see any. It was actually marked on the opposite side of the road. 😕

Then my next blunder was missing a left turn blaze. And after wondering around  trying to figure out where the trail goes I end up heading south on the AT instead of North! As I am heading south a see a women at her campsite that I didn’t see when I was heading north. So I say good morning and move on. Then I come to a pond that I know I recently passed and realized I’m headed in the wrong direction! So I turn around again and head in the right direction. I pass the woman at her campsite again and as I pass she asks if I’m lost. I tell her about my blunder and move on. As I’m headed back up the trail I see the blaze that I missed. The left turn takes me up and over a rock wall! 

Then later that afternoon I’m just dragging, totally zapped by the heat and miles. I can’t wait to get to the shelter to get off my feet. Once again I find myself heading south on the AT!?!? I passed the shelter! Totally missed the sign for it. I have to back track 2 tenths of a mile! 

I was hoping to get to bed early but it just didn’t work out. Things have been harded out here then back home. I think I still haven’t found a daily/nightly routine. I’m hoping I find it soon and can start getting to bed earlier. 

3 thoughts on “Just lost

  1. Tough day Little Bear…ugh getting lost, backtracking, not finding the trail….so frustrating and exhausting. Wishing you a click of the reset button today filled with blazes on a well marked stretch of trail!

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  2. Do you have the Guthook App? It gave me a lot of security when I didn’t know if I was on the trail or not, or whether I was going in the right direction. It happens a lot out there!

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