Goodbye PA

Monday May 15, 2017

Rattlesnake Springs Tentsite 13.5 miles

Total mileage 283.9

I slept well at the Hostel last night. I had to wait for the post office to open this morning to pick up my supply box before moving on. The post office didn’t open until 8:30. So it was a late start for me. I finally got on the trail at 9:40.

I had a surprise in my supply box. A Little Debbie Swiss Roll! 😊 This was my favorite Little Debbie snack cake while growing up. Thank you, Babydoll. 

I had a long freeway bridge walk this morning and it was pretty freeky. I could feel the bridge moving as I was going across, especially when the semi trucks were flying by. 

The trail followed a stream for a ways this morning. It was really beautiful. Mom, you would have loved it. 

Shortly after starting this morning I crossed into New Jersey. Unfortunately the rocks continued. I think I am getting more experienced with the rocks. Maybe I have made peace with them and they don’t seem to bother me as much. 

I had a bear sighting this afternoon while going to the Mohan Outdoor Center. He looked like a little guy to me. I got a video of him. 

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