Day 22

Sunday May 14, 2017

Church of the Mountain Hiking Center 15.5

Total mileage 270.4

I took a zero yesterday to rest up while avoiding hiking on a rainy day and to see how things were going to be after my accident. As SOULFLOWER and I were walking around town yesterday doing our town chores my knees were pretty sore. So I took some aleve before bed last night and felt much better this morning. 

I ate breakfast in the hotel room. Yogurt, banana and granola that I got at the store yesterday. SOULFLOWER walked back to the diner for breakfast and I met her there later. Then we took a cab back to the trail together. 

We started our climb out of Delaware Water Gap at 9am. Shortly after starting I was passed by DISCOUNT, HOOTIE and SODA, who also zeroed at Delaware Water Gap avoiding yesterday’s rain. 

We all had lunch together at a shelter while avoiding another short rain shower. That was just good luck. 

This is HOOTIE hiking infront of me. 

The trail today was again more rocks and one boulder scramble (Wolf Rocks). I was lucky enough to still be hiking behind HOOTIE for this so I was just able to follow him through it. I am not a fan of heights so it helps just to focus on someone infront of me rather than having to look all around and pick my way through it.  Thanks HOOTIE! Wolf Rocks was much easier than the Knife Edge that I had to do alone a few days ago. That one scared me. 

Wolf Rocks                                                                          
We were all headed to Church of the Mountain Hiking Center (a church run hostel) to sleep inside and get a shower. There was rain again tonight so I was glad to be inside again. 

I have a supply box at the post office that I will pick up tomorrow and it has a merino wool shirt in it that I am excited about. I purchased it with my REI dividend. Merino wool is not supposed to absorb body odor like sensethic fabric does. Because after only one day of hiking my shirt really stinks. After a few days I can hardly stand myself. 

9 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Y’all have had so much rain. 😦 Glad your knee is feeling a bit better.

    Your pics are coming out great!

    Almost 300 miles under your belt! Awesome!

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  2. Amy- I just started following you. I am so impressed by your sticking with something that has you so driven. You go girl! I think it’s so admirable to desire something so strongly and not give up on yourself. My desire is Bradley Cooper, but that’s another lifetime!! You’ll get this simply because you want it. Blog is great, pictures are beautiful and your hard work is evident. Keep strong girl and stay safe and boo-boo free.

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      1. Amy,

        I broke the rules and took deodorant with me. You can find small sample sizes at some places. I mostly only used it in town, but I wanted to have it with me to use right after my shower each time. If I didn’t use it, I would smell like B.O. before I even left town. If I used it after my last shower, it kept me from stinking some. I still smelled like sweat, but the BO wasn’t so bad.

        Also, Raid suggested I use some Baby Powder. I would put it on after I took my wet wipe bath at night. It helped me not to stink so much, but it also kept my thighs from sticking together at night when I laid on my side. Actually, it kept me from feeling sticky all over, not just my thighs. Made me feel cleaner, too. It was messy, but worth it for me. I even had one lady (the lady who took a video interview of me) even tell me I didn’t stink…that I smelled nice! LOL. I think it was probably the baby powder. 🙂

        You can buy some white vinegar in town before you wash your clothes and add it to the machine when you wash. It kills the bacteria that make it stink. You can also soak your backpack in a tub with some vinegar. I didn’t find this out until I got home. I didn’t realize how badly it stunk. Bud told me he thought he could smell the cat litter box on the other side of the wall from the closet (where I keep my backpack.) LOL. I knew it had a BO smell, but apparently, I had lost so much weight toward the end of my hike that my body had started depleting my muscles. It smells like ‘cat pee’ when that happens. Make sure you are eating plenty of protein to prevent that. I bought some dried beef in a jar and added it to some of my meals. I also bought butter (some people buy olive oil) and put it in everything. Butter gets soft, but it does just fine in a freezer ziplock. I had Bud put a stick (double bagged) in each of my mail drops toward the end. I put it in my oatmeal, and in all of my suppers.

        The bug bites–I only got bitten really bad once or twice. That was in the NY area. I think your weather patterns are probably making it conducive to lots of bug breeding. My solution? Scratch them till the top layer of skin comes off and they bleed. 😦 I tried hydrocortison cream and it didn’t do diddly squat.

        I’m sure you are probably already losing weight–you look really thin in your pictures. I found that it really messed with my emotions and my thinking. Be aware of that. When it got really bad, a stay in town with a shower and hot meal almost always helped. Also, I tried very hard not to even allow the ‘Q’ word to enter my mind. Once it sets up camp, it’s hard to get rid of it, because you have already allowed the thought to be planted and grow. When those thoughts came to my mind, I would tell myself over and over, “I will not go there. I will not go there.” …and I forced myself to think of something else…or I started counting my blessings or listing all of the things that were RIGHT, or which I was enjoying about my hike.

        I have been thinking about these things and wanted to tell you…take what you can use and throw out the rest. You are really, really doing great! Hang in there!


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      2. I love the baby powder idea idea and just added it to my pack.
        A woman that I’ve been hiking with uses deodorant. She just buys a regular size and cuts the deodorant off the top and puts it in a ziplock bag. I thought that was a brilliant idea.
        I have started to carry coconut oil. I love it and add it to some of my meals. I really haven’t lost any weight. I am just under weight for my height so I really have to be careful. One of the guys I’ve seen from time to time has lost 30 lbs in the first 5 weeks. He had weight to lose.
        Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.

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  3. I enjoyed meeting you at Warwick Center. I hope you’re experiencing some relief from your allergies. I’ll be following you and Soul Flower as you make your way north.

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