PA kicked my ASS

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Allentown Hiking  Club Shelter 20.9

Total mileage 216.7

There is rain approaching so I am making a huge push to get into town before it starts on Saturday. I’m not sure I have what it takes to make it there in time. It will take some long days over a lot of rocks. 

I saw two deer running through the woods today. They are amazing to see running and leaping over obstacles with tails standing straight up. I also saw a garter snake sunning himself on the trail. So far I have seen 2 black snakes and 2 garter snakes. 

Today was a really hard day. The climbing over rocks was really getting to me. The last 6 miles I was really struggling. I was tired and my ankles were really sore. I decided to turn on an audio book and listen to that to distract me from the pain. I usually listen to an audio book when I run or when I was training  for this hike, but this is the first time I have listened to one this trip. There is just so much to see and I have to pay attention to the white blazes that mark the trail as well as watch the ground for ankle twisting  rocks. 

I finely arrived at  camp at 6:30pm ate a quick dinner then set up my tent. Then it was time to hang the dreaded bear line. I picked a tree limb that I thought I could get the line over. You’ll love this… there was a hiker sitting at the shelter where he could see me and I just thought this is going to be great with him watching me, he aught to get a couple of good laughs in at my not so professional technique. So I get all prepped, I have my rock bag tied to my bear line and I make sure the line is not tangled around my feet or standing on it (one of my problems last time). I eye the limb and take my shot and it sails over the limb like a professional. I just act like– yeah, that’s how it happens every time and walk off to get my bear bag ready. 🤣

One thought on “PA kicked my ASS

  1. LOL at the bear bag story. That’s awesome. The rocks were very demoralizing for me. Your pics are great! I think it’s good that you have audio books to listen to. I hope you were able to beat the weather. You are really plowing through the miles. I’m so proud of you. 🙂

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