I earned my name all over again! 

Friday May 12, 2017

Wind Gap PA 21.4 miles

Total mileage 254.9

Today’s schedule consisted of the Lehigh Gap climb. I have heard how dangerous and scary this climb up the cliff is from other hikers so I opted to take the 1.5 mile bad weather bypass trail. I was pretty glad that I did because the bypass trail was pretty steep but at least it wasn’t exposed. 

My hiking partner for the last few days, SOUL FLOWER, did it but she really didn’t know what she was in store for. She is pretty much a bad ass for her age. She is 70 years old. 

SOUL FLOWER walking in the rain on our way back from the store and doing laundry in Wind Gap.
This huge mass if dirt is an ant pile. I have seen a few of them along the trail, but this is the largest one.
I’ve been noticing these webs in the trees,  but today I got a close look at one and it is a caterpillar nest.

As we were making our way to the shelter where we planned to stay at we were contemplating going all the way into town to avoid the rain. We decided to see how we felt at the shelter and go from there. 


I tripped over some rocks and fell on more rocks and hurt both of my knees pretty bad. And we still had over mile to walk to the shelter. When we got to the shelter and asscessed how bad things were we decided to go into town. That way we could get me cleaned up really well. I had one knee that was bleeding pretty bad. We got it cleaned and bandaged up, called the hotel and got a room for the next two nights. Then hiked another 4.6 miles  over more rocks into town. We arrived in town at 7:30pm called a taxi and made our way to the hotel. I plan to just rest at the hotel tomorrow and see how it goes. 

5 thoughts on “I earned my name all over again! 

  1. Oh, I HATE that this happened to you! It’s good you took care of yourself and got it cleaned up in town. You’ll get through this and move on when it’s the right time.

    And what a wonderful hiking partner you have! Please tell Soulfliwer hi from me.

    Rest easy.


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  2. Oh, no. 😦 Falls are scary. Though they are painful painful, but it could have been so much worse. At least you didn’t do a face plant. Hopefully, nothing is broken or sprained. Every time I fell, I always said a little prayer of thanks that it wasn’t worse. Unfortunately, falls are part of the game. Everyone falls, usually multiple times (or daily)…so don’t feel bad or embarrassed. I hope you recuperate quickly and that nothing is broken or sprained. Breaks or sprains are a different ball game to bruises or scrapes.

    About Leighi Gap…that was the only place on the trail (up to Andover where I got off the trail) that I ever did anything I thought was truly dangerous and life-threatening. I’m glad you went around, especially if the weather was bad or it was windy.

    Y’all have had really bad weather this year. 😦


    1. I’ve been thinking and there was one steep decent in the Whites that only had wooden steps, and it was wet due to a spring. That was scary, too, but nothing like Leighi Gap (for me, anyway).

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