Day 17

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Stelth Campsite 15.8 miles

Total mileage 195.8

I took a zero day at the Rock N Sole Hostel yesterday. I really enjoyed my stay there minus the outside shower in cold weather. The place was awesome and the owners were very kind. I slept in the basement of there home and it was much nicer than the Doyle Hotel. This is the first hostel that I had the pleasure of staying at that included dinner and breakfast with your stay. I sat down to a table already set with napkins neatly folded, silverware on top and filled glasses of water or juice. Pretty fancy! 

I began hiking at 7:45 this morning and PA kicked my butt today. I think it has to do with my very heavy food bag. I’m carrying enough food for 100 miles and it took a toll. Also the rocks were plentiful today. I should be coming up to some very hard rocky sections soon. 

Notice the rocks along the trail. It’s a difficult trek. 

I trail was pretty boring today. I started off in a prescribed burn area. If it was foggy this section would have looked really eerie.

 I am stealth camping tonight all by myself on top a a mountain looking down into town with all the lights a glow. It’s quite beautiful. I had a very hard time getting my tent setup tonight because of all the rocks just under the topsoil. I couldn’t get my tent stakes in the ground very well and had even considered moving on. I got most of them about half way in and left it, hoping for calm winds. Unfortunately things did not improve as the night went on. It took me about 12 attempts to get my bear bag line over a tree limb to hang up my food. Then the rope was so thin and my food bag so heavy I couldn’t pull it up. I was getting really frustrated! 😠 So I grabbed the bear line and turned away from the tree and proceded to walk away with the bear line over my shoulder like a sack of potatos to a nearby tree to tie it of to. Mission accomplished! 

6 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. I wonder why they put you in the basement at Rock N Sole? When I stayed there, they had a cutely decorated bunkhouse with a stocked mini fridge and snacks that you could buy. The bunkhouse was a separate building. It was one of the cleanest hostels I stayed at on the trail, and the bunk beds had very comfortable mattresses on the bunks. Most of the bunkhouses on the trail use hard plastic mattresses.

    I never even saw the basement. That’s weird. I’m sorry you had a bad experience there. 😦

    I had always thought that ‘the rocks’ in PA would be boulders and boulder hopping (and there will be those, too) but I wasn’t expecting it to be all of those small rocks. I remember rocks like that off and on from Virginia through Pennsylvania. 😦 They really hurt your feet and ankles, don’t they? I swore I would not use Ibuprophen everyday, but I ended up using it daily from about Virginia on.

    Hang in there! You are doing great!

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  2. Little Bear, I love reading every detail of your journey. Thank you for keeping it going even after tiring days on the trail. And I can just imagine you trying to get that bear line over the limb and then hauling up the big bag of food like a ton of bricks. If only we didn’t have to eat — our backpacks would float like clouds on our backs!

    I continue to think of you daily on the traiil, especially when I’m dehydrating food. This week’s project has been sprouting buckwheat groats and raw sunflower seeds, and then coating them in local honey, cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt before dehydrating them together to make the base for my granola mixture. There, I bet that made you hungry for your next breakfast!

    By the way, where can I find the recipe for a fruit or veggie salad you said you had posted?

    Enjoy those Pennsylvania rocks!! 😫


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  3. I didn’t mean for my post to make Rock N Sole sound bad. The basement was awesome! I was only there because the bunk house was full. They just opened their basement to hikers the week before since they are booking up regularly now and this isn’t even the busy season. There are only 3 beds in the basement so it’s quiet and less chance of bunking with someone that snores. So it was perfect for me.

    I have done pretty well with my feet it’s just my ankles that are really sore. But I have a lot less miles on them compared to when you came through.

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    1. Sorry. I must have misunderstood. I’m relieved, and glad the basement was good. I’m glad to hear they are getting so many hikers! I think this is only their second year. When I went through, I was totally alone one, except for some hikers that arrived late and left early. I found that many times, what someone else thought was a great hostel, I thought was awful, and I think it was just differences in temperaments. I like ‘quiet’ places, too. 🙂 I just realized that I’m not getting email notices for comments, so if I have missed any of your replies, it wasn’t intentional. I’m going to try to fix that.

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  4. You’re cruising! Wish I was there to witness the bear bag episode.
    I’m so glad that you are keeping us posted on your trip. I look forward to reading every post. Luv ‘ya!

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