Headed to a warm hostel 

Sunday May 7, 2017

Rock N Sole Hostel 13.4

Total Mileage 180

Most of the gang that I was hiking with yesterday hiked on to a shelter 4 miles down the trail so they could order pizza, but when I got to William Penn Shelter I was ready to quit for the day. I had cold hands and feet and I was ready to get warned up. Plus I still had a good bit of food in my food bag that needed to be eaten. 

I headed out early so I could get the Rock N Sole Hostel early. I planned to hike to the next shelter and eat breakfast there,  which was only 4 miles away. When I arrived at the shelter most of the gang was still there. 


They had called the Rock N Sole for a shuttle pick up. They had heard from a hiker that was a day ahead of us that the trail was rocky and he hiked through shin deep water for over a mile!😦 I was very tempted to go with them, but I pushed on sticking to my plan. My plan may be the death if me. I’m not one to deviate from it. And usually have a melt down if things don’t go according to the plan. 

Anyway the rocks didn’t seem to bad and they were dry since it hadn’t started to rain yet. That was a bonus! The rain did start shortly after getting through the rocks and it got cold! 


The shin deep water was no longer shin deep! It was ankle deep. I was very determined not to have to walk through water today. So I broke another trail etiquette rule and bushwacked new trail around the soupy parts. My feet still got wet, but at least I didn’t have water draining out of my shoes. 

I got to the hostel about 2pm ready for a hot shower. Unfortunately the shower was an outside shower. Although the rain had stopped it was windy and the wind was blowing the water out of the trees onto me as I was trying to shower. Oh and did I mention that it was 50 degrees! It was good to get clean, warm and dry. 

Tomorrow I plan to take a day off and rest up. 

3 thoughts on “Headed to a warm hostel 

  1. Rock N Sole was one of my favorites. 🙂 Of course, I was there in the heat of summer, so the outside shower was no biggie, and plenty hot. I hope you enjoy those HUGE and delicious meals that Jody cooks…and I hope you are able to get warm and get some rest!

    PS: We won’t tell anyone that you are bushwacking around the puddles! 😛

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      1. Thank you for telling me this. I remember them fondly, too. 🙂 They are awesome people…and the food…OMG. I still think about it. I had lost a lot of weight at that point, and the servings were HUGE. Even though I had ‘hiker hunger’ I could barely finish it all. I told Jody that I wish she could be my permanent hairdresser. If I was rich, I would hire her and fly her down here. 🙂

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