Day 14

Friday May 6, 2017

William Penn Shelter 13.4 miles

Total mileage 166.2

I was optimistic today would be a better day, since it started out warmer and there was a little sunshine. So I put dry socks on even though my shoes were still wet. Cold wet socks really suck! But around noon things took a nose dive. The rain started and the temperature dropped. My hands and feet got really cold. It took me a long time into the night to get my feet warmed up.

There were a few guys at the shelter last night, that zeroed there because of the rain and they were talking about a women that they named SNOW WHITE.  They named her snow white because she was the only woman in the shelter with 7 other guys. I met her today along the trail today.  She had a pretty interesting story on how she got into backpacking. She told me that her son got her a backpack for Christmas this past year. When she asked her son what she was supposed to do with it. He told her to hike the AT!  So here she is hiking the trail. Thru hiking the whole trail at age 65!!! Some of the people I have met have really great stories.

I got my first blister yesterday after hiking all day in the rain with wet socks and shoes. I taped it and it wasn’t to bad to walk on today. The cold wetness bothered me the most.

I hate these types of water crossing especially when it has been raining and the tree trunk is slick as snot. I made it safely across without taking a swim. 😊

4 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. The older folks out there are truly amazing! I was very surprised that the majority of thru-hikers I met were either above 60 or below 25!

    You guys are having rougher weather patterns than we had last year. Lots more rain. Everything is so green compared to what I saw in May last year. Cold and rain don’t mix well. Hope you are able to stay warm.

    Two weeks! That’s awesome. 🙂 Time is really flying as I sit here on my butt reading about your adventure. LOL. I wonder if time is flying as fast for you?

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  2. You’re having a tough week, keep your spirits high. The weather will clear and you will shine in the greatness of your wild adventure. Your Eastwood neighbors are proud of you. March on.

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