The Famous Doyle Hotel 

Wednesday May 3, 2017

The Doyle-Dunnacon, PA 11.3 miles

Total mileage 123.5

I planned to do 15 miles today, but when I woke up this morning my phone was dead. At night I put my phone in my sleeping bag to keep it warm to help the battery charge last longer, but I guess I somehow kept bumping into it during the night and turning it on and the battery got drained. I knew that I would be passing through a town today so I planned to find somewhere to charge the battery again. While I was waiting for everything to charge back up,  I checked the weather. It is supposed to start raining one of the nights I would be between shelters and camping in my tent. So I decided to stay in town today and hike out to a shelter tomorrow. Although from that shelter the next one is 18 miles so I may have to stay put in the shelter a second night and wait for the rain to pass. I don’t think I can make it 18 miles over slippery rocks in the rain to the next shelter. The forecast is for 1.5 inches of rain. 

On a good note I had some really great views today and I covered almost 11 miles by 11am. I was moving trying to get into town to charge things up and because it was chilly with gusty winds. As soon as I got into town I stopped at a gas/convience  store for a hot chocolate. It is the first time I have ever sat in a convience store and eaten. Although I was eating my food not something I purchased there except for the hot chocolate. 

I truly didn’t plan to stay at The Doyle. Although it is a famous hiker stop, it is old and not maintained well. I have seen blog posts and pictures of the place and planned to just pass it by. But here I am experiencing it, and what an experience it is. 

The place was definitely not clean or well maintained! On a good note I didn’t see any bugs or mice. ☺️

I did have a private room with one single twin bed pushed up against the wall with bed sheets that had holes in them. I opted to use my sleeping bag on top of the sheets. The blanket that was available for my use was definitely dirty looking. Although the owners were extremely nice and helpful and made you feel welcome and at home. I just didn’t want to stay any longer. 

2 thoughts on “The Famous Doyle Hotel 

  1. My sentiments, exactly! LOL. I, too, was grateful I didn’t see any bugs. Glad you survived without any scars. 🙂

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