May the force be with you

Thursday May 4, 2017 

Peter’s Mountain shelter 11. 3 miles

Total mileage 134.8

For those of you wondering I did survive my Doyle experience and I am not scared for life. 

I left the Doyle about 7:45am a late start for me. I walked through town and literally hit the highway. 

As I was leaving town I had a really weird feeling. It felt strange being all alone and almost a little scary. I don’t think I have ever had to do everything for myself and make all my own decisions. 

 The rain should be moving in around 9pm tonight and continue until Saturday afternoon. I am thinking of taking a zero day here at the shelter to avoid being cold and wet. I think most of the hikers here tonight are going to move on in the rain, I’m just worried about being to cold. The weather is supposed to drop into the mid 30’s on Sunday night and I planned to be at a hostel that night, but if I zero here that will mean being in another shelter that night rather then some place warm and dry. I will make my final decision in the morning. 

5 thoughts on “May the force be with you

  1. I know that sinking feeling you describe about being alone. That is how I felt after starting my hike with Raid and then leaving her at Neel’s Gap. 😦 I struggled with the same issues as you, not having been alone much before my hike, or having to make my own decisions. It was one of the reasons I wanted to do my hike alone…to push through that. Though it was scary, it was also empowering and liberating once I got over it. I know by the time you read this, you’ve already dealt with it, and are probably over it, but I just wanted to say I’M PROUD OF YOU. You are doing so great!

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    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I am sure there will be times when I wish there was someone with me to bounce ideas off of. I see so many people teaming up with a partner. Some of them are even skipping sections of trail just to stay with someone. A first of bothered me, but I’m over it. It really doesn’t concern me what they do.


  2. I’ve been in that situation too of suddenly being very aware of my “aloneness.” It does feel eerie in a way, but I got used to it and came to need it at times. I feel it has really made me a stronger person.

    I hope the cold wet weather you’re experiencing will give it a rest soon. I’ll be watching your blog and the weather reports to see if it ever really does get into more comfortable sleeping weather in the NE in the spring. This year’s weather will influence my decision a year from now as to which sleeping bag I should bring for the northern half. Thanx for being my guinea pig!

    Keep up the reports. I love imagining your journey.

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    1. One of the girls that I have been hiking with some lives here in PA and she said that this weather is unseasonably cold.
      But we should be prepared for it. The rain and dampness just makes it worse.


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