Thank you, Sue

Tuesday May 2, 2017
Darlington Shelter 14.3 miles

Total mileage 112. 2

I had a wonderful evening at Sue’s. Thank you again.

I forgot to mention that I acquired a couple of injuries yesterday.

  1. I fell down to the stairs at Sue’s place. I didn’t hurt myself, but I do have some carpet burn on the underside of my forearm.
  2. Yesterday was a warm day and I do have some butt chafing. I doctored it with some Butt Butter (that is really the name of it) and it seemed fine today. Although today was a much cooler day. Tomorrow’s temperatures should be cool again so it should give things time to heal, until it gets warm again.

I walked through fields of what I later learned to be rape seeds for canola oil. The fields were beautiful and flat.

My  achilles is still bothering me some. I made it to where I planned to stop for the day at 2 pm and debated about moving on since it was so early and a really nice day, but decided to play it safe and not overdo things. I don’t want this to turn into some type of achilles tendonitis.

I saw a small turtle sunning himself on the trail this morning. I also had two squirrels race across the path in front of me. As well as some cows in a pasture.

I’ve been hiking in a bubble of hikers that I have seen on a regular basis. There names are MIX, GOLF, LUNA, SPICE, SOUL FLOWER, CHIN MUSIC, JOE GUINNESS, TWO TIME, HOOTIE, SNOW WHITE, GRAPEVINE and BUZZ CUT.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Sue

  1. Hi to Mix, Soulflower and Buzzcut! I spoke to Chuck “No Doubt” on the phone today. He’s safe and sound back at home in Florida

    I too hope that Achilles settles down.


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