Day 8

Sunday April 30, 2017

Stealth Campsite 14.9 miles

Total miles 89.8

Tonight is my first night stealth camping and I was nervous about it. I kept wondering if I should have stopped sooner at a previous campground, where there would be people around. After getting my tent set up and eating  dinner, I felt pretty good about the site and wasn’t so nervous anymore. Then 2 guys who stayed in the last hostel with me showed up and they are tenting here as well. I’m not alone Mom, so no need to worry. 

The trail was really busy today. I literally had a fear of getting run over. There was a 50k and a 15k trail race that ran along a short section of the AT. 

I reached the halfway point along the trail for the NOBO hikers (northbound hikers that started in GA). 

Things are getting pretty warm up there. We have had some temperatures in the 80’s. I have been debating about whether to send my thermals home or not. They take up a good amount of room in my pack and I am already looking to drop some of my pack weight. I checked the weather forecast for the upcoming week and it looks like we will be getting some more rain and a drop in the temperatures so I will keep them for now. 

7 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. It’s amazing how crowded a trail in the woods can get! I always heard it said that you won’t be alone on the AT unless you want to be. Though I did stealth camp some, I preferred not to do it. Even when I ‘stealthed’ out in the woods thinking I would be alone, I’d often wake up and see a tent in my area or shortly down the trail.

    Nice pics. Spring is really busting out! I’m so glad you are keeping up your trail journal. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I often wonder how you are doing. I’m loving following your journey.

    Take Care, stay safe, and have fun!

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  2. Hey, Little Bear, it’s Chocoholic here! I’m back in Ohio again (unfortunately), leaving the trail Saturday afternoon as planned. Boy, do I miss the whole experience, including all our good conversations and laughter together. I was very happy to find Chuck already at the hotel where I spent Saturday night. He had done fine on the trail, happening to team up with someone from the very same city that he lives in. I drove him back to Harpers Ferry as planned.

    It sounds like you’re getting in some really good mileage, and I’m impressed that you’ve already experienced stealth camping. Way to go! You have really got the skills and the smarts to succeed at all of this.

    I look forward to following your blog, and truly hope that we can have many more hours of hiking together on the southern half this summer and fall.

    Say hi to all the other Teahorse hostel folks, and have a great time! I think of you and the trail constantly.

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    1. Hey Chocoholic,
      So good to hear from you. Glad to hear you made it to your destination.
      I look forward to hopefully hiking together again.
      Trail news: I think most are doing pretty good considering all the miles we are putting on our feet. BUZZ Cut is having a lot of trouble with her feet(horrible blisters). And Brownie (aka Steve) is off the trail, his feet were really bothering, but he was only doing a section.


      1. I was wondering a lot about BuzzCut. If you see her, please give her my best. However, my guess is that you are miles ahead. We’re lucky we didn’t pay a price for our 16 miles the first day. 🙂


      2. Actually she isn’t far behind. She has been hiking on really bad feet.I don’t know how she is moving through the pain. She tried to order new shoes, but they sent her the wrong size.


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