A walk in the rain

Saturday April 29, 2017 Tom’s Run Shelter 16.2 miles

Day 7 Total mileage 75 miles

I took a zero yesterday. Meaning a day off. I started my period during the night on Wednesday and usually have pretty bad cramps so I thought taking a day off would be good for me. I actually felt pretty good all day so I headed out this morning. 

I started the day with 5 scrambled eggs and some sauted spinach and onion. A power breakfast for a big 16 mile day. 

I was out of the hostel early, 6:30am and shortly after starting the trail it started to rain. It was a lite rain and I just used my umbrella without putting on rain gear. After about 1.5 hours it quit and was overcast for most of the day which was perfect since it was supposed to be 82 today. 

Some refer the AT to walking through a green tunnel. This is literally a green tunnel! 

Today was a pretty easy hike. The ascents and descents have been pretty easy and there has also been some grassy flat areas. 

Resident snake at this shelter. They help keep the mice population down. This is the second black snake I have seen so far. 

I got into camp about 2:30 today and had time to soak my feet in the stream. Man, was the water cold! 😨 It’s great for swollen feet! My feet have been well. I have one callus that popped up a couple of days ago, but hasn’t given me much trouble. I filed it down with a nail file and put some Bag Balm on it. (Thanks for that tip John and thanks Mom for including some Bag Balm in my going away gift bag.) A lot of the hikers that started with me are really having trouble with blisters. I’m really thankful to be free of them.  

4 thoughts on “A walk in the rain

  1. You are doing great! I’m so glad your feet are okay. That’s huge. I’m surprised that everything is so green already. Your one picture of the nicely mowed path made me think of how I was always so grateful for the trail maintainers. Your pictures are coming out beautifully! I never could tell what mine looked like on my I-phone. Yours are nice, focused and clear.


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