How to survive the first 5 days on the trail… 

Trail of Hope Hostel Fayetteville, PA 9.6 miles

Total mileage 58.7

The key to surviving the first few days on the trail is to choose a hiking partner that loves CHOCOLATE!!! Ruth,  the woman who I have been hiking with was trail named “Chocohalic”  by other hikers! She has her pockets full of chocolate as she hikes. I even caught her eating chocolate one morning right after breakfast. She had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate bars, chocolate drinks and chocolate chocolate chocolate! Unfortunately today I had to say “see you on down the trail” . I was getting off the trail in Fayetteville to pick up a mail drop, shower and do laundry and she was continuing on. She is only out for a week for an equipment shake down. She plans to start her flip flop hike the end of July or beginning of August from Harper’s Ferry and head south so we may see each other again. 

I was moving this morning and got to the hostel by 11am. It was great to get a shower and put on clean clothes. I am currently wearing loaner clothes and went to Walmart dressed like this. While shopping a women even told me she liked my sweatshirt. 

I was lucky enough to get in before these guys and get the best pick of the loaner clothes! 

For those of you curious about how many AT hikers actually finish the trail I found this in a magazine in the hostel. 

I received a gift today from Carol,  one of the caretakers at the hostel. She has a heart of gold and is supper friendly. She loves to cook and decided to cook for us tonight. The menu is steak, baked potato, coleslaw and french bread. 

I have the best husband not only is he allowing me to do this hike, he is also sending me my resupply boxes with special notes. I love you, Babydoll! 💖

7 thoughts on “How to survive the first 5 days on the trail… 

  1. LOL. Love the clothes. 🙂 I always counted it a very big blessing when I found a good hostel. I must have missed this one. Enjoy your stay!

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  2. I am really enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work writing and hiking. You can do this. Be sure and contact me if you need anything from the Gorham,NH to the Kennebec.

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