Day 3

Raven Rock Shelter 13.1 miles

Total mileage 35.6

I woke up this morning and it wasn’t raining so I left the shelter early to see if I could get to the next shelter. Jim gave me a weather report of some light rain between 10-3. Things were pretty good until 1pm. It was a light rain and it really wasn’t to bad to hike in so I continued on. I got to the next shelter about 4pm. I usually only stay in the shelters if there is a chance of rain and because it was raining the shelter got crowded with hikers. I have heard that it is no fun to set up your tent or take it down in the rain. I’m sure the day will come when I have to do this, but for now I was able to avoid it. 

Julie the next tale is for you. It reminded me of our time on Long Trail when you lost an item and it turned up days later.  

Yesterday when I laid down to take a nap I used my buff to cover my eyes to block out the light so I could get a good nap in. When I woke up I remembered pushing the buff off my head but that night I could not find it anywhere and I searched all my gear. I know it had to be in my stuff somewhere. Anyway,  I found it tonight. It was stuck in the hoodie of the top I had wore all day today and never noticed it until I took the top off. I had even worn the hood off and on throughout the day and didn’t realize that there was something stuck inside of it. I’m just happy I found it. 

This is a stream that I had to cross and because of the rain the rocks to hop across on were almost underwater.

6 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I love the fog pictures…always loved being in the woods during a fog. I’m loving your blog posts! You’ll be so glad you did this later when you are off the trail. So much of it will not stick in your mind. When you read it again, it all comes flooding back!

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  2. Glad you found your Buff, Amy! i can’t believe you remembered my story. I’ll leave it at that…. I’m loving your trail blog. Still a month til I’ll be hiking in VT. Muddy, muddy, mudddy! You go girl!

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