Rules were meant to be broken! 

Sunday April 23, 2017

ATC Harper’s Ferry to Rocky Run Shelter 16 miles

I managed to break the number 1 rule for hiker newbies on day 1…

  1. Keep your mileage low

Most hikers get injured early in their hikes because of doing to much to soon, so they are advised to take it easy in the beginning and keep their mileage low. Well, rules were made to be broken, right?!?!

It was just such a beautiful day today and the terrian was so easy. It was hard not to take  advantage of it. What the hell, you only live once. The next two days are forecasted with yucky weather and I figured I would lose some mileage because of the rain. My logic is that it will all work out. 

I was up early and out of the Teahouse Hostel by 7:15. Ben, the hostel owner shuttled us to a local church for a free/donation breakfast. It was a pancake breakfast and since I am gluten free I just had fresh fruit and turkey bacon with a glass of OJ.  

Then I went over to the Appalachian Trail Consevatory (ATC) to have my picture taken. Most thru hikers check in at the ATC to have their picture taken and get numbered. You get a number when you start the trail, at the halfway point and when you finish. I am flip flopper #91. Which means that I am the 91st registered flip flop hiker to leave from Harper’s Ferry. Most hikers start in GA and hike north. The number of north bound hikers is close to 2000.

I started the trail at 9am with one of the women that I met at the Hostel, Ruth. We are pretty evenly matched as far as place goes and have a lot of the same eating habits. We are both gluten free and like to eat a healthy diet. 

I managed to get falling out of the way on day 1. I have to say it was a graceful fall and I didn’t get hurt. Some how I tripped over my feet or some rocks and my knees just buckled underneath me. Ruth said she didn’t see me fall, but when she just happened to look up,  I was kneeling in the middle of the trail. She thought I was saying prayers already!  

We both are staying in a shelter tonight and so far we are the only ones here. It is nice to be able to spread out your gear and be not stuffed in like sardines with a bunch of other smelly hikers. 

12 thoughts on “Rules were meant to be broken! 

  1. Not really sure how I found your site. It’s really fun for me to read! I have finished from Harper’s Ferry to the Nj NY border. It’s great to experience this section through your eyes. I’m a married 66 year old retired PE Teacher from PA. I did PA before I heard it was so rocky! Lucky me. Good Luck!


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