The journey to my journey 

Friday April 21, 2017


I am on the plane ready for take off after a very teary-eyed see you later to Jim.

As I was preparing for this trip I was wondering how it was going to go without seeing Berkley for so long, because he is my little snuggle bunny and I would have to depend on others to take care of him. But when it came time to kiss him goodbye, I was able to do so without getting teary-eyed.

I thought I would be OK kissing Jim goodbye, because I knew he would be able to take care of himself and be fine without me.


That just wasn’t the case. I had a very had time with it. I just couldn’t let him go. I just kept hanging on to him and hanging on. I didn’t want to let go. Then I got this feeling in my chest that I don’t think I have ever felt before. It took me a while to realize it was anxiety/fear. I tried to hold it together the best that I could, but after I headed around the corner to security I knew I couldn’t hold the tears back. So I go through security like a lost women without her soul mate with tears streaming down my face. Luckily the sweet women who checked my ticket had a few tissues for me.

After I found my gate and got seated, I called Jim and not long after our conversation started he had a smile on my face. I’m one lucky woman to have someone as awesome as him. Thank you, Babydoll! I love you.


I made it through my first big city metro experience.  It was pretty nerve racking for this small town girl. I somehow managed to  board the metro headed in the right direction and made all the  right connections. I was counting my blessings. Thank you Kara!

OMG the leg room on a train is amazing! This is the way to travel. Oh… and the seats with 6 inches of blissful cushion. I feel like a queen.

28 thoughts on “The journey to my journey 

  1. I can’t imagine saying goodbye and all those nerves!!!! I was a blubbering mess saying goodbye to my partner before the LT and that was less than a month! I think I’d pass out if I had to say goodbye for longer!

    I am so excited for you and inspired. I will be following your adventures. If u need anything once u r in New England don’t hesitate to get in touch! Who knows…maybe I’ll run into u on the trail in VT or NH! But seriously I’m here. U can email me thru my work site and I can respond with my phone #

    Wishing u a great start!

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      1. I’m in Boston and just a couple hours away from AT trailheads in NH. I will be camping, day hiking and backpacking on the trail a bunch starting in late May and even more in June. I always pick up hikers to and from trailheads and towns when I’m on my adventures and try to have some fruit in the car just in case.

        In July i have a campsite in western mass very close to the trail. I’m doing a week long program out there and car camping solo in this awesome spot.

        So yeah hit me up if u need anything including a place to rest off the trail for a few days in Boston. We got a guest room.

        I’m rooting for ya!


  2. Hey there! I’ve been thinking about you! My tentative start date (April 10th) came and went and there was a little part of me that was sad I wouldn’t be joining you. Life got in the way, and things changed for me in the last 6 months or so, that just wasn’t going to make it possible. One day though….. I’m looking forward to following your journey and maybe (just like Kara’s did) it will inspire me all over again to get out there. Safe travels to you.

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  3. This made me want to cry! 😦 …I know how you feel about being ripped away from your soul mate. Very nice writing and descriptions. I’m glad the metro experience was not as bad as you were expecting and I’m even more eager to take a train now.

    I am so excited for you. This will be an adventure of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to read about your adventure. You’ve got this, lady!

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  4. This is your old neighbor Dee …Emmett and I promise to look after Jim 🙂 he is so proud of you…so you have no worries. BTW..I haven’t traveled on a train in ages..think I should put that on my to do list. Your strength and thirst for adventure is awesome and I will be along for the ride :). Be well…and keep on hikin” 🙂

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    1. Hey Dee, thank you for looking out for Jim. When I talked to him last night he told me one of his clients is having him over for dinner tomorrow night. We are both being supported by friends and family. It is awesome. Thanks again.


  5. Don’t make me cry anymore. I am sharing Berkley with Jim so you know that he’ll get lots of attention and I’ll do my best to keep your house picked up and cleaned because we know that Jim isn’t into that stuff— you sure have spoiled him there. Be safe. All my love, Mom

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  6. I’m with you in spirit on this hike, Amy. I’m within easy driving distance if you need anything or want some company on the trail. Just shoot me a message and I’ll be there!
    Stay strong. Nothing can be as bad as Belvidere Mt to Hazen’s Notch on the LT with no water, and you totally rocked that day! I’ll be thinking of you every day at sunrise and listening for the psssst of your air mattress. Luv ya and miss ya.

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  7. I hope your journey is amazing! I can’t imagine what you must have felt leaving Jim for so long. I will follow you through your journey in hopes of finging growth through your experience. Be safe.

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  8. Good luck Amy and safe travels! We miss you back here at work. XOXOXOXO
    Remember, YOU GOT THIS! ❤
    btw I think 6 months is a long time to ponder about my raise. So yeah…. lol

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