We did it!!!

Day 25
Thursday September 8, 2016


We did it! We are official Long Trail end2enders! We made it to the Canadian border at 1pm, with huge smiles on our faces. It was hard all the way to the end. Today we climbed Doll Peak, Burnt Mountain and Carleton Mountain.

Yesterday I thought my throat felt funny, like I may be getting a sore throat. This morning I can confirm that. I have a sore throat. I don’t feel bad and I have had sore throats with my lupus flares so this may be a lupus flare or the beginning of getting sick. This hike had been really intense. If I didn’t have a time limit that I had to finish by I wouldn’t have pushed so hard. I know that I have pushed my body harder than I should have, but it has been a good learning experience for me. I will know how to manage things better in the future. Today is my last day on the trail and I will have a rest day at Aunt Julie’s before flying out on Saturday. I will also have two rest days at home before I have to go back to work. Hopefully I can get well before having to go back to work.


Fall is starting to show up.
View from Doll Peak early this morning.


4 thoughts on “We did it!!!

  1. Hi amy.its cindy n brian.im soooo proud of u.great hike. Keep up the good work.let me know when ur close ro pawling.ny.bearmnt bridge youll love.if u need a thing. Let us know.have fun.i didnt want u to go. But u look really at home.jim is a great guy.cindy n capt brian carroll

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