Day 24

Wednesday September 7, 2016

OH NO! Just upon waking my knees were sore. Not a good sign. Usually when I wake up they are fine and don’t start to bother me until later in the day when I start to descend a lot. Only 2 more days left. I can do this!!

View from the top of Jay Peak.

My knees ended up not being too bad today. They warmed up pretty quick. I had just the normal end of the day soreness. I do feel like I am getting a sore throat. I’m not sure of it is from the dehydration yesterday or if I may be coming down with something. Hopefully what ever it is it will pass.
I saw quite a few signs of moose the last couple days. I saw moose tracks…




and moose poop…


but no actual moose. I have seen many chimpmunks. They are the cutest little things. Near the shelters they are practically under your feet waiting for you to drop some food.

Today’s difficult terrain.

We are tent camping tonight at the Laura Woodward shelter and we met some great guys. They both have a lot to do with the hiking community and were going to send me some contact info of a couple of woman that could greatly help me with my hike. They both seem to think that I will be able to handle an AT thru hike if I can handle the Long Trail. The terrain is easier on the AT.
We will be finishing our hike tomorrow and it seems to have gone by so fast.


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