Day 23

Tuesday September 6, 2016

Me on top of Haystack mountain. I can’t believe I was still smiling here, it was a had day.

I think today nearly killed me! We left camp this morning at 6:40 and didn’t finish until 5:30pm. The sad thing is we only covered about 11.5 miles. Boy they were some very hard, muddy miles.

View of our muddy fun!

The climb up Belvidere went well, but everything after that not so great. We had a long stretch without water today and I got pretty dehydrated. We were thinking that we were going to have to make the water that we had last until tomorrow, but luckily we found some tonight. That lifted our spirits, but did nothing for my foot and knee pain.

Looking back at Mt. Belvidere, which we climbed today.

Tomorrow the milage is less, but the terrain looks just as bad as today.

Haystack mountain is on the right, which we climbed today and Jay Peak is on the left, which we will climb tomorrow.


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