Day 22

Monday September 5, 2016

I was up and ready to go this morning. I felt good after all the rest I got last night. Today we climbed Butternut Mountain then the south and north summits of Bowen Mountain. Plus we climbed our way through Devil’s Gulch, which was littered with slick moss covered boulders. Devil’s Gulch is a mini version of Mahoosec notch on the Appalachian trail, if you are familiar with the AT.

This is the actual trail. If you look closely at the boulder in the top of the photo you will see the white blaze on it.
This is still part of the trail.

Tonight we are stealth camping at the base of Mt Belvidere, which we will climb tomorrow. I believe it is a 2.4 mile climb with 1900 feet of elevation gain. Jim and I climbed this mountain a couple of years ago with day packs, but I bet tomorrow is going to feel much different with a full pack.

I soaked my feet fit the first time today in a stream and currently they feel pretty good. Today got pretty hot by mid afternoon, so I was dreaming of soaking my feet before we even got to camp.



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