Day 20

Saturday September 3, 2016


This morning we met the hiker that walked in on us during the night. We learned that he is a professional bubble maker?!?!


We had 2 mountains to climb today,  Madonna and Whiteface.  Madonna went well except for us missing the trail back into the woods after walking down a ski slope to far. Which means we had to walk back up the ski slope and wow ski slopes are steep. Whiteface was a different story. It was steep and muddy and gave up very sore knees.

Looking back at Mt Mansfield that we climbed yesterday.
Looking back at Madonna that we climbed today.

We heard from other hikers that we talked to along the trail that we would be ending the day with 4 miles of flat trail. WHAT?!?!  Part of Long Trail is flat? It was going great until we ended up on a dirt road for a couple of miles. That couple of miles nearly killed us! After walking in the woods for over 200 miles,  road walking really hurts the feet especially at the end of the day.  Our feet were killing us!


We have completed 220 miles of the Long Trail.  We will be doing our last resupply tonight before finishing the trail.

When we got back to Aunt Julie’s we showered (oh yeah baby), did laundry, cleaned gear and eat. Tonight we ordered sushi. I had a salad and 9 pieces of sushi plus a California roll and I just felt content I wasn’t stuffed. I have really started to consume a lot of calories. Julie thinks she has lost about 5lbs already. I have been trying to eat enough so I don’t lose any weight.

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