Day 18

Thursday September 1, 2016

We have a 10 mile climb up Bolton mountain this morning that is rumored to be without water. We met two south bound hikers that said this section was dry. We both packed out one 32oz bottle plus one 20oz bottle of water for the day. Oh man was it heavy!!! That is almost 4lbs of water.

The climb started out pretty steep and we were both removing our coats shortly after starting the trail. Even though it was steep we made great time. The ground was flat, free of roots and rocks. We arrived at the shelter we planned to stay at (Puffer Shelter) and the water source was dry plus it was early in the afternoon so we decided to move on to the next shelter. It was only 3.4 miles away, but those miles were pretty difficult and I was dragging. I had no energy.

My feet and knees were pretty sore when we arrived at Taylor lodge. Our home for the night.
We completed 13.4 miles for the day. Tomorrow we will see if we can get over Mt Mansfield the highest mountain in Vermont.


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