Our first zero day

Day 17

Wednesday August 31, 2016


We took our first and only planned zero day today. A zero day is a day off from the trail. No miles were hiked today. We spent the day sleeping in, cleaning gear, doing laundry, making plans for the next nine days and shopping for more food.

I have to leave in ten days so we have nine days to finish the trail. We planned out millage for each day depending on the difficulty of the terrain and location of the shelters.

We also went shopping for stuff for lunches. We were looking for things that didn’t need to be cooked. Cooking and the 20 mins wait for rehydration just takes too long. I got some gluten free ramen type noodles with seasoning that I’ll just add some water to in the morning and let them soak all day to soften up. I also got some crackers, cheese and hummus. This will make things quick and easy.

Uncle Brian took me to a farm that is just a short ways down the road for me to get some maple syrup to bring home. I also got to feed a 3 month old calf some corn from the cob. Aunt Julie also wanted us to pick a pint of blueberries for a fresh fruit salad. I did more eating of the blueberries than filling up the pint container when I realized how delicious they were.

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