Day 16

Tuesday August 30, 2016

The Hump Brook tenting area was really nice. There was an eating/cooking area with a huge picnic table that was under a tarp. It also had a bear box so we didn’t have to hang our food in a tree. Unfortunately I was up at 5 am again looking for the privy. I don’t usually have to go so urgently, but out here on the trail as soon as I wake up its time to go!?!?

My home away for home.

We left camp at 7:15 am to tackle Camels Hump the climb up wasn’t too bad, but the 6 mile 4000 foot descent was hell on the knees.

Me on top of Camels Hump with Mt Mansfield in the back ground.

We reached the summit at 9 am and the views were amazing. There was fog covering the Winooski river and only a few us up at the top. As we were talking to the caretaker we learned that as many as 500 people a day would summit Camels Hump on the weekends. We were thankful to have it mostly to ourselves.

View looking back at Camels Hump after our climb down.


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