Day 14

Sunday August 28, 2016

The trail is marked with white blazes for you to follow.

We completed about 14 miles today and 11 was a slack pack. I was amazed how much easier it was to move with just a tiny little backpack on. We slacked from Lincoln gap to Appalachian gap where we meet Uncle Brian and he had our packs for us then we continued on to camp. The last 2.5 miles to camp took me 2 hours to complete. The terrain was really difficult and technical. It seemed more like climbing than hiking. We had several areas with rebar rungs attached to rock faces to climb down and one ladder, none of which I was happy to see with my fear of heights. I think there is another ladder in tomorrows hike. When you add a 20+ lb backpack and trekking poles going down a ladder or rebar rungs is pretty difficult. Then add in my lack of coordination and that amps up the difficulty.

I climbed up these rock that you see in this picture.
These rock are also part of the trail that I climbed up.


If you look closely you will see a wooden ladder in the upper right corner of the photo.

There were many great views to be seen today. We crossed Mt Abraham, the fifth highest mountain in VT, Mt Ellen, one of two mountains tired for third highest and two other peaks. I was thankful to slack pack some of it. Thank you, Uncle Brian for shuttling us this morning and bringing us our packs this afternoon.

We ate lunch at this really cool shelter. It is one of a few that is totally enclosed.

Our lunch spot this afternoon.

I finally arrived at the Birch Glen shelter at 5:30 pm with sore feet, knees and a Achilles tendon on my right foot. I was exhausted. Never have I worked so hard on a hike. Granted I have been going at it for two solid weeks, the terrain is just more difficult than I thought it would be. This is much harder than the section I hiked in the Smokey mountains.

Mad River Glen has a single chair ski lift.

Shortly after arriving at the shelter I got an emergency alert on my phone, warning about flash flooding in the area. We were expecting rain this evening, but we never got a drop. Which is great for keeping the trails dry.

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