Aunt Julie is Bad Ass!

Day 15
Monday August 29, 2016

My Aunt Julie is the coolest aunt. She is an amazing hiker and great partner on this trip. Check her out in the video below. She has been leading every day and coaching me through some of the ascents or descents and getting me past my panic attacks. She is the first one to camp with me always showing up later after she’s got her shoes off or her tent half way set up. And she is 15 years older than me. I feel like such a slacker.

My Uncle Brian is pretty bad ass too. He can fly down these mountains on a pair of skies at almost 60 mph.  He has been awesome picking us up or dropping us off at the trailheads and cooking whatever we request for dinner.  Thank you Uncle Brian. These two are top notch in my book.

I was up early and hiking by 7:30 am. We climbed Burnt Rock Mountain first. There were a few open exposed areas on large rock slabs and one ledge that made me pretty nervous, but I did it. The views from this mountain were breath taking.

The next mountain was Mt Ethan Allen, which had us doing a few rock scrambles and a ladder descent that would have been ok if the ladder was easily accessible, but it was pretty nerve racking trying to get to it.

I was glad we didn’t have many miles planned for today, since the terrain was so rough. It gave us more time to rest and eat on our breaks and I was feeling much better today.

Our lunch spot for the day.

My knees still bothered me some on the downhills and my right achilles bothered me a little, but not as bad as yesterday. We will see what tomorrow brings…we have a 4000 foot descent!?!? The knees aught to love it. 😦
The weather was pretty cool today and cold in some sections where it was windy. You can hear how windy it was on some of my videos. This was nice for the climbing we did. It kept me from getting all sweaty and wet. Which is nice for when you take a break. When you take a break to snack or eat and you are all wet you can get really cold. I was looking forward to getting my night time clothes on and climbing into my sleeping bag to get all toasty.

View of Camels Hump that we will be climbing tomorrow.

We arrived at camp at 3:30pm after almost 10 miles completed for the day. We are camped at Hump Brook tenting area. We will be climbing Camels Hump tomorrow, which is tied for third highest mountain in VT with Mt Ellen(which we already climbed a couple of days ago).The picture below is a view of Camels Hump on our way into camp tonight. We have now finished 174 miles of the Long Trail!

Another view of Camels Hump.

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