Day 13

Saturday August 27,2016

I wake up at 5 this morning and had to poop again. UGH! The guide book says this shelter does have a privy it’s just somewhere north of here on a side trail. So I get up in the dark and head up the trail looking for a side trail that leads to the privy. I do find it, but it is just a toilet in the woods. So there I am sitting on a toilet in the woods in the dark. It was definitely the best view while sitting on a toilet with the sky just staring to lighten. Another first experience for me.

Julie and I are moving early, leaving Cooley Glen Shelter at 6:50 am. Uncle Brian is picking us up today at 1pm and we have 10 miles to cover.


The terrain is difficult again today. When we reach the half way point we realize we are not going to make it on time. We message Uncle Brian to last him know we will be late so he doesn’t worry.

When I was hiking last month in the Smokies I was able to average 2 miles per hour pretty easily but not here. This is much more difficult.


I had a pretty difficult day today. I didn’t get a chance to sit and rest my feet all day since we were running late to meet Brian. My feet were pretty sore and tired. I couldn’t wait to sit down.

Once we got to Aunt Julie’s we rested for a spell. Oh it felt good to get off my feet. Then we had a lot to do. Cleaning gear, doing laundry, gathering food and making plans for the rest of the hike.

We are going to slack pack (travel without our backpacks) for the first 11 miles tomorrow then Uncle Brian will bring us our backpacks and we will hike the last 2.5 miles to our camp spot for the night. Traveling without a pack sounds so awesome! I’m looking forward to this.

Uncle Brian made us a huge stir fry dinner tonight with a large piece of Steel Head Trout. I think this is my new favorite fish. This is the first time I have had it and it was amazing. Thank you Uncle Brian.

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